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Caraway Half Bakeware Set Review

Is this trendy bakeware set worth the hefty price tag?

Left: Coral-colored bakeware from Caraway stacked in a tower; right: blue-colored bakeware from Caraway on a table. Credit: Caraway

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  1. Caraway Half Bakeware Set

Only a poor cook blames her tools, but anyone who bakes knows that quality equipment helps, especially when few home cooks have convection ovens to optimize heat circulation. This means that pans that conduct heat better result in a tastier finished product. Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass have long been bakeware standards. However, Caraway bets that home cooks desire ceramic-coated aluminum.

I tested Caraway’s Half Bakeware Set, which includes two baking sheets, one muffin pan, one 9-by-13-inch pan, two cork trivets, and a fabric-covered storage container to corral the set in your cabinet. Caraway also offers these pans in its Complete Bakeware Set. So, check out what I found and see if the price tag works for your kitchen.

What is Caraway?

Founded in 2018, Caraway sells non-stick cookware which does not rely on Teflon or other toxic metals to cleanly release food from pans. Their bakeware line launched in the fall of 2021 and the company also has a linen collection of aprons, tea towels, and everything you need to get their pans out of the oven.

What we like about Caraway’s bakeware

A grey Caraway baking sheet with cookies on top
Credit: Reviewed / Jess Stephens

The Caraway baking sheet proved non-stick in our testing.

My apartment’s conventional oven is so persnickety and old that I refer to it as my Easy Bake Oven. Its hot spots and unpredictable temperature swings mean that there is no room for error when it comes to my choice of bakeware. Of the recipes I tested across the Caraway Half Bakeware Set, they all came out as well as they would in my go-to pans.

Lasagna and a large batch of apple butter baked off strong in the 9-by-13-inch rectangle dish. I typically use a thick glass casserole pan to caramelize apple butter because glass conducts heat slower than aluminum. This offers the dual benefit of creating deep flavor and allowing me to occasionally forget about stirring each hour as I go about my day. However, the batch in Caraway’s dish retained a similar flavor with minimal helicoptering.

In fact, I was able to doze through the end of my yoga podcast, wake up, and go down an online rabbit hole for silent beach discos without the batch becoming pockmarked by burnt cane. I thought between the apple puree and the lasagna’s hot cheese that something would adhere to the non-stick surface, but both recipes released and washed up easily.

Similarly, financiers flew out the muffin pan evenly browned despite my oven’s best efforts. A batch of vegan muffins (always a wildcard in terms of consistent texture) rose well. I baked off cookies on Caraway’s sheet along with my own stainless steel stalwart and any difference between the two was imperceptible. Achingly rich kimchi scones also emerged from the oven ready to greet the day. No pan discoloration thus far—a delicious invitation to all enthusiastic bakers—and the guide instructs that any browning on the ceramic surface can be cleaned with a little baking soda and vinegar.

What we don’t like

Muffins in a grey Caraway muffin tin.
Credit: Reviewed / Jess Stephens

Muffins came out of the muffin tins cleanly.

The pans work well, but they don’t work better than the pans I own at a fraction of the price. A non-stick sauté pan may help the average home cook fry an egg with ease, but a non-stick pan is not necessary in baking because you’re either greasing the pan or baking a recipe with such high fat content, like financiers, that they will self-eject out of nearly any pan.

Also, there are plenty of inexpensive bakeware options that don’t have toxic chemicals and won’t include trivets or a storage container to increase the price.

If you have a penchant for using your oven as pan storage in its off hours, Caraway recommends against putting empty bakeware in the oven. Instead, they advise not stacking or only doing so with a towel or trivet separating two products. The manual also advises against using metal utensils on the pans to preserve the ceramic coating.

If you’re tight on space or will forget to not dig into a lasagna with a fork and knife, Caraway may not be a practical bet.

Should you buy the Caraway Bakeware Set?

Yes, if you don’t mind spending for style

Do you need to spend $245 to purchase two baking sheets, a muffin tin, and a 9-by-13 pan of quality? Of course not. This sleek set is meant to serve home cooks whose kitchens double as a statement piece. It doesn’t mean they are not curious epicureans, rather that they prefer to coordinate their baking projects in functional style. If this is you, purchase Caraway’s bakeware secure in the knowledge that you will be set to adventure down any baking path under 500°F.

However, should your pocketbook or cabinet space be limited, there are many budget-friendly and long-lasting alternatives.

Get the Half Bakeware Set from Caraway for $245

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  1. Caraway Half Bakeware Set

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