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Video Performance* (1.5)*

Considering all the things the Pure Digital Flip Mino*doesn't* have - manual controls, a traditional grip, optical zoom, etc. - it had better deliver on the things it does do, namely record and upload video. You can read about the upload process in the Editing section. Let's talk about video performance for now.

The Pure Digital Flip Mino uses a 1/4-inch VGA CMOS sensor, which is a mere 640 x 480 (roughly 0.3 megapixels).


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  • Flip mino green
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  • Flip mino 3000 lux auto crop
  • Pure digital flip mino 3000 lux web
  • Pure digital flip mino 60 lux web
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Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size 1/4 in.
Sensor Count 1
External Mic Input
  • None
Waterproof No

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