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It's time to get excited about cars again.


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At, we know there are a lot of people with a lot of opinions on new cars. That's why our reviews are different.

We think of the car as a gadget—a tool for connecting you to the wider world.

Let's face it: Though technological advances mean the world seems smaller than ever before, today's roads are the most congested they've ever been. The average commute is over an hour, but the entire world is available at the swipe of a screen. That's why kids aren't rushing to get their learner's permits as soon as they're of age, and why many people would rather live without a car than a smartphone.

But that doesn't mean the era of the automobile is over. Aside from its vaunted place in American history, the car remains relevant because it has a power beyond any other gadget out there: It can actually bring you places.

And today's new vehicles are the most exciting yet. Not only can they get you from coast to coast more efficiently and safely than ever before, but they can also make sure your favorite music is playing, and find places for you to eat and sleep along the way.

Combining the power of the automobile and the connectivity of the internet helps to bring people together in ways previously unimaginable, opening up every small town and big city across the country to anyone with a driver's license. Whether it's an amazing soba shop in a strip mall in Torrance, California, or a tiny bakery in Milford, Connecticut, today's cars can bring you places you may never have known existed.

At, we're looking forward to the road ahead. We hope you'll join us.

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