Mercedes' Nest App Puts Your Home Thermostat On Your Dashboard

Nest announced a new partnership with Mercedes-Benz at CES 2014


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Nest Labs, makers of the Nest smart thermostat, unveiled a partnership with Mercedes-Benz at CES 2014 that lets you control your home's temperature from your car.

We saw a demo of the Nest-Mercedes technology on the show floor in Las Vegas, and came away impressed. While you can't manually change the temperature (yet) directly from your car, the technology is still very slick. Nest, on its own, knows when you usually get home and changes the temperature accordingly. But, if you are off your normal routine, your car will help Nest be prepared.

It all works through your smartphone: Pair your Nest thermostat to your device, and pair it with the car, and all three will work together. When you're on your way home, your Mercedes will touch base with Nest to let it know your estimated arrival time. Then, Nest will ensure your home's temperature is correct when you walk in your front door.

Unfortunately, you still have to manually let your car know that you're on your way home. The next generation will do away with that extra step by implementing a predictive user experience. Your car will understand when you're heading home based on patterns and schedules, and will automatically talk to Nest for you. Mercedes and Nest are also looking into upgrading the technology so you will be able to manually change the temperature at home from your car's dashboard.

The Nest-Mercedes partnership brings the car into the smart home. It's a natural progression, and Mercedes' slick user interface makes us look forward to seeing more sensible technology partnerships like this one in the future.

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