Jaguar F-Type Coupe S AWD

$84,800.00 MSRP
Product Image - Jaguar F-Type Coupe S AWD
Credit: / Kyle Looney
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By now, the Jaguar F-Type’s on-road prowess has been well documented. The two-seater coupe is proof positive that—half a century after Jag’s Swinging '60s heyday—the British automaker still has what it takes to build a capable performance car.

While the F-Type Coupe starts at just under $66,000, the S AWD model I drove stickered for $97,000, and in R guise it easily tops six figures. Yes, the F-Type is fast.


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Model Year 2016
Type Coupé
Base Price 84800
Manufacturer's Engine Description 380-hp V6 Supercharged
Engine Displacement 3 liters

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