2012 Toyota Prius c Three

$21,635.00 MSRP
Product Image - 2012 Toyota Prius c Three
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The Prius family has grown—and shrunk—into three distinct models.

Toyota dealerships now feature not only the mainstream Prius, a car that's become synonymous with "hybrid," but also a plus-sized Prius V and the pint-sized Prius C. The C is meant to fill a niche at the entry level, one that Honda's currently filling with the slow-selling Insight, an inexpensive hybrid that can't compete with the Prius lineup on fuel economy but barely undercuts the Prius C on price.


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Seat Rows 2
Passenger Capacity 5
Fuel Capacity 9.5
Vehicle Warranty 36 months/36,000 miles
Luggage Capacity (All Seats Upright) 17.1

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