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9 places to shop plus-size Halloween costumes

Look cute this spooky season!

a woman in a skeleton costume next to a woman in a red riding hood costume Credit: Torrid

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Halloween is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to start thinking about your costume. The spooky holiday is a great time to show your stuff and mingle with friends, but for plus-size people, costume shopping can be a nightmare.

Many popular Halloween costumes are not made for plus-size bodies, but there are still some excellent brands and retailers that make and sell costumes specifically with these individuals in mind. We’ve gathered 9 websites that provide the plus-size community quality Halloween costumes that range from sexy to casual. Happy shopping and stay spooky!

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1. Ashley Stewart

Three women standing next to each other wearing different costumes: cruella de vil, harley quinn, and lola bunny
Credit: Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart is a well-known retailer in the plus-size community, and their Halloween collection does not disappoint.

Sizes: 1X-5X
Prices: 🎃🎃

Ashley Stewart is a well-known plus-size clothing store and lifestyle brand, so it’s not too much of a shock that it sells plus-size Halloween costumes. The brand has a fairly good selection of sexy costumes, ranging from your standard nurse and maid costumes to more pop culture ones like Space Jam and Cruella de Vil. With sizes ranging from 1X to 5X—and with 5X actually meaning size 30-32, unlike some other brands on this list—Ashley Stewart is a must-see destination for plus-size Halloween costumes.

Shop plus-size Halloween costumes at Ashley Stewart


A woman wearing a baseball costume on the left and a person wearing a fairy godmother outfit on the right
Credit: has a ton of plus-size options to choose from—for all genders, sizes, and types of costumes!

Sizes: 1X-8X
Prices: 🎃🎃

With sizes going up to 8X, is the most inclusive website we’ve found for plus-size costumes. The store has a ton of name-brand costumes ranging from The Little Mermaid to Handmaid’s Tale. What we love the most is that the majority of the costumes aren’t “sexy”—they’re just regular costumes that look good and (hopefully) fit your body right. Maybe I don’t want to be a sexy Oompa Loompa, maybe I just want to wear white overalls and a green wig and call it a night. Well will help you achieve your Halloween dreams.

Shop plus-size Halloween costumes at

3. Amazon

Three women standing next to each other wearing costumes: Maleficent, witch, flapper
Credit: Amazon

Amazon has everything—including plus-size Halloween costumes!

Sizes: Varies
Prices: 🎃—🎃🎃

Amazon has everything you could possibly need, so of course that includes plus-size Halloween costumes. Whether they’re quality or not, that’s another story—and it will vary widely by the merchant. Make sure to read the reviews thoroughly and check the return policy in case it doesn’t work out. But if you have a very specific costume idea that most regular stores won’t sell, you can probably find something similar on Amazon—or at least the parts to make your own costume.

Shop plus-size Halloween costumes at Amazon

4. Pure Costumes

Three women standing next to each other wearing costumes: deer, Wednesday Adams, Cinderella
Credit: Pure Costumes

With over 400 plus-size costumes to browse, Pure Costumes is one to check out this spooky season.

Sizes: Plus-3X
Prices: 🎃

From flight attendants to killer clowns to adorable panda bodysuits, Pure Costumes has a wide variety of plus-size Halloween costumes. In fact, the website says it has over 400 options to choose from. Upon further inspection, you come to realize that a lot of costumes are in the standard singular “plus-size”—which in the fashion industry is synonymous with “slightly larger than regularly sized.” If the costume isn’t in that one-size-fits-all style, it’ll range anywhere from 1X-3X, which is definitely better. But with the affordable prices and wide selection, Pure Costumes is for sure a Halloween costume destination to check out.

Shop plus-size Halloween costumes at Pure Costumes

5. Party City

three women standing next to each other wearing costumes: pumpkin costume, ladybug costume, spongebob costume
Credit: Party City

These affordable costumes from Party City are adorable—but hard to come by in plus-sizes!

Sizes: Plus-4X
Prices: 🎃

Although Party City is where we all got our costumes as kids, the brand’s plus size selection is mediocre. Still, with prices going as low as $15, if you fit into the singular “plus-size” that most of the costumes are available in, Party City is a great option. Some costumes do have a variety of sizes going up to 4X, but those are hard to come by. Can’t hurt to take a look for such low prices though.

Shop plus-size Halloween costumes at Party City

6. 3 Wishes

Three women standing next to each other wearing sexy costumes of minnie mouse, pikachu, and tinker bell
Credit: 3 Wishes

If you want a sexy Halloween costume, 3 Wishes is the retailer for you!

Sizes: 1X-5X
Prices: 🎃🎃—🎃🎃🎃

This lingerie company is known for its sexy costumes. 3 Wishes’ plus-size costume selection is pretty vast, but the sizes are varied. Some costumes come in sizes 1X-5X, while others come in sizes between 1X/2X or 2X/3X. So tread carefully but there’s definitely some gems in there. Some notable costumes that come in sizes 1X-5X are Minnie Mouse, Pikachu, and Tinker Bell.

Shop plus-size Halloween costumes at 3 Wishes

7. Spirit Halloween

Three women standing next to each other wearing costumes: Beetlejuice, the witch from Hocus Pocus, and a 1950s girl
Credit: Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is a go-to destination for costumes, but their plus-size selection is pretty disappointing.

Sizes: Plus-3X
Prices: 🎃

Spirit Halloween is very similar to Party City in that it has a lot of costumes, but not a lot of size options for plus-size people. There’s the standard “plus-size” option for several costumes that’s meant to fit all plus-size bodies (but in practice, the catch-all term doesn’t accurately work for all bodies). There’s plenty of costumes to choose from if you fit into that one-size-fits-all, but if not, there’s only a handful of costumes that are listed as 1X, 2X, or 3X. But for fairly inexpensive prices, you might as well browse through the options and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Shop plus-size Halloween costumes at Spirit Halloween

8. AMI Clubwear

Three women standing next to each other wearing halloween costumes: pumpkin, bat, genie
Credit: AMI Clubwear

AMI Clubwear has a plethora of alluring Halloween costumes to choose from.

Sizes: 1X-4X
Prices: 🎃🎃

If you want a sexy costume, AMI Clubwear is the place for you. From sexy ninja to sexy nun, this retailer has got it all. Most costumes come in either 1X/2X or 3X/4X, so you should definitely check out the size guide before ordering. But if you’ve ever wanted to be a sexy pumpkin and you fit into the sizes the site has available, AMI Clubwear has got you covered.

Shop plus-size Halloween costumes at AMI Clubwear

9. Torrid

A woman wearing a skeleton costume next to a woman wearing a wednesday adams dress
Credit: Torrid

Torrid is a go-to destination for plus-size shopping, but their Halloween costume options are quite pathetic.

Sizes: 0X-6X
Prices: 🎃🎃

Torrid is known for being a staple in the plus-size community, so it’s great that the brand has Halloween costumes for sale. The only problem? The selection is extremely limited. Most of the brand’s “Halloween” assortment is t-shirts and other goth apparel, but not necessarily costumes. There’s only eight real costumes listed on the website, but they do come in sizes 10-30. Check out those few and maybe one of them will spark joy—and be available in your size! A win-win for everyone!

Shop plus-size Halloween costumes at Torrid

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