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In a large office, having coffee in an employee breakroom can improve morale and even aid productivity, keeping employees from taking time for long trips to the local coffee shop. However, an office manager needs to choose the right coffee maker or risk unhappy employees and high repair costs.

Build Quality While an industrial-strength coffee maker may be appropriate for a workplace cafeteria, a breakroom or conference area might be better served by a high-end brewer. Look for lots of metal, as frequent use may cause plastic parts to break.

Easy to Clean A coffee maker is everyone's to use, but seemingly nobody's to clean. Make sure that the person who does get stuck cleaning the coffee maker doesn't have that hard a job, and pick a brewer that's easy to clean. Some coffee makers have reservoirs that catch spilled coffee, while others are dishwasher safe.

Lots of Choices Pete likes decaf, Maria likes hazelnut and the boss makes coffee so strong that nobody else will drink it. A pod coffee maker lets each person make his or her own choice.

Quick and Easy Nobody wants to get stuck waiting for someone else to make coffee, and managers don't want their employees wasting time in line at the coffee maker. Make sure you choose a coffee maker that's easy to use and doesn't take too long to brew.

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