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The offers seven classes of stateroom, ranging from the large Club Continent suites to the cosy Club Interior. We took a closer look at three of these types.
The Club Continent Suite is one of the premier living accommodations on the Journey.

In a standard suite, the queen sized bedroom is connected to the living area which leads to the veranda. With 326 square feet, the Continent Suites are spacious for two people.

The bedroom of a Club Continent Suite resembles a regular hotel room rather than a stateroom on a cruise ship, with more space to move about the bed and living areas.

The bathroom is well lit and comes with a full-sized tub and marble counters.

The balcony is rather large for a two person stateroom. There is room for a table to fit lengthwise, as well as a few chairs.
In the Oceanview Stateroom, you will not have a balcony, but the window provides a decent view.

The room is compact, with a small hallway with a few closets leading to the one room, containing the bed, and a chair that sits next it. If you and a friend can squeeze into 170 square feet for several nights, consider this stateroom.

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This type of room sleeps two, there are no pull-out couches or cot options available.

The bathroom is much like those found on an airplane, with the addition of a shower stall. It is very tight in there, but you have what you need.

The Club Veranda Stateroom is a mid-range room with a balcony.

A small hallway, with closets and the bathroom branching from it, reaches into the bedroom with adjacent sitting area consisting of a couch and a small desk. The sitting area is your access point to the balcony.
The Club Veranda Stateroom is big enough for three or four people, when using the sofa bed as an extra sleeping area.
The bathroom is no larger than the Oceanview rooms, but it will serve its purpose over the course of a few days.
The balcony is large enough for three, but seats are only provided for two, with the addition of a table.
Two specialty restaurants, a main dining room and a handful of light food and casual dining areas offer a variety of dining options.

Mediterranean and steak house styled restaurants are the two specialty options on the , and with additions of the main dining room and the poolside grill you should be able to find something you like. If you happen to be staying in one of the suites, you will be treated to a special "Best of the Best" dinner once per cruise.

Next to the pool, this grill will satisfy your high-calorie cravings.

Standard fare for the Pool Grill is akin to a snack stand on the shore of a beach: burgers, fries, pizza and pasta whenever you like. The dress code here includes bathing suits.

At breakfast, a buffet with the continental favorites is laid out by the pool.

Made to order sandwiches and slow cooked BBQ delicacies are what's cooking at the Pool Grill.
Guests staying in one of the 10 Owner’s Suites have a unique opportunity to dine at the “Best of the Best” night in the Drawing Room.

For this once-per-cruise night, the staff of the goes all out. The captain and his highest level crew members will MC the night, while the executive chef comes forward to deliver a customized menu. The sommelier is close on his tail, pairing each course with a wine selected from a cellar that boasts over 8000 bottles.

Several courses of the executive chef's creation will dine you while the hand selected wines wine you.

But of course, an extravagant dinner like the "Best of the Best" night must be finished with something sweet, or it would be no dinner at all.
Aqualina is one of two specialty restaurants on the Journey serving Mediterranean food.

When you board the ship, you will be assigned a day, time and table to attend Aqualina. Mediterranean meals heavy on seafood are served at Aqualina while you look out the floor to ceiling windows surrounding this restaurant on the port side of deck 10.

Dinner is focused on seafood options like lobster and seafood paella, but other options are available as well.

Small selections of ice cream, sorbet and various chocolate options are likely desserts at Aqualina.
Discoveries is the main dining room for the Journey

Located aft on deck 5, Discoveries is the main restaurant for all passengers. The menu is still impressive, though: they still serve fine-dining meals smothered in expensive-sounding things like black truffle sauce. The open hours allow for guests to come in at their leisure for breakfast, lunch and dinner: there is no set time for seating.

Discoveries likes to take traditional dinner collections and spin them slightly to revive an interest in classic favorites.

Dessert can be a variety of sweets from fresh fruit to chocolate, or enjoyed in liquid form as a glass of port.
Prime C is the specialty steakhouse on the Journey.

Similar to Aqualina, your night at Prime C is assigned when you get on the ship. Located starboard-aft on deck 10, Prime C is where you go to get that steak as rare as can be in an exclusive setting.

Though steak is the emphasis, there are many other options from tuna tartare to crab cakes and lobster bisque.

Fried bananas and crème brûlée, but whatever you do, don't order "nothing...."
Serving food all day, Windows Café is ready for hungry guests at any time.

For a light casual meal, you can head to Windows Café aft on deck 9. Six different types of meals are served throughout the day from a full buffet breakfast to afternoon tea and a casual dinner.

A full breakfast buffet is on offer first thing in the morning.

The buffet for dinner and lunch changes regions regularly.

Desserts are served in the buffet style, meaning you can load your plate up with a mountain of chocolatey goodness.
One pool sits on the center of the Journey, surrounded by a jogging track on the deck above.

There is only one pool on this ship. Many of the decks have little nooks for secluded relaxation.
The single pool on the Journey is flanked by two whirlpools.

The Pool

The one pool on board has areas for wading and swimming, and two whirlpools are available for simply soaking. It is located midships.
A single sunbathing area is located above the pool next to the jogging track.


One level above the pool is a jogging track that surrounds that watery diversion. There are many small areas of seclusion throughout the different deck levels.

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Seven lounges, a fitness center and a spa will keep you busy on the Journey.

There are many designated areas for recreation with a breadth of activity, but you will be hard pressed to find something for the kids to do.
Seven lounges provide plenty of options to relax after a hard day of sunbathing.

Lounge & Cafés

There are plenty of options for lounging around on the Lounge & Cafés.

The Cabaret Lounge

The Cabaret Lounge is where you can catch all of the performances on the Journey.


If you need to keep in touch with the people you left on shore, you can head to Connections, the internet café on board.

Discoveries Lounge

A martini bar on the ship with 26 variations on the James Bond classic.

The Looking Glass

A nightclub/lounge with dancing and comfortable seating areas. Dance or mingle in this nighttime joint.

Mosaic Café

Specialty coffee drinks, complimentary soft drinks and well-crafted small bites are the fare at Mosaic Café.

The Laundry Room

No, the laundry room is not the fancy, ironic name of the hottest bar on the boat, it is the place you wash your clothes. Still worth knowing about.

The Drawing Room

A bit of an art library, where passengers will find illustrated books on fashion, art and design. The Drawing Room is a great place to enjoy a book quietly and is also host to the “Best of the Best” dinner one night every cruise.
The spa features massages and styling from accredited experts.

Treatment Rooms

Elegant treatment rooms offer private facials and massages with views overlooking the ocean.

If you're feeling the need for a trim mid-trip, hop on over to the Salon and get your hair and nails done for a fee.

Men's and women's locker rooms done in marble offer lockers for rent outside the spa and fitness center.
Catch a class or private training at the fitness center.

The fitness center has all types of cardio and exercise equipment that can be used during instruction as part of a class or one-on-one with a trainer.
Several stores offer luxury items on board the Journey.

Photo Store

At the photo shop you can pick up photographs of you and yours taken by professional photographers snooping about the ship..

Other Stores

Shops line the halls of the arcade, selling many different types of luxury goods from bags to clothes to expensive spirits.
From the 8000-bottle wine cellar, somelliers stand by to educate passengers on fine wine.

An oenophile's delight, wine tasting classes are held thorough the cruise, pulling from the extensive wine cellar on the lower decks of the ship. Many other lectures are presented by special guest lecturers on all topics imaginable.
All of the lounges offer some sort of nightly entertainment in addition to their daily routines. We didn't get any shots of the lounges, but we did get to look around Casino Luxe, the main attraction for night owl passengers.

Casino Luxe offers the gaming experience for veterans and novices.

All of the expected games are on offer at Club Luxe, including blackjack, slot machines, roulette and more. If you want to take a back seat to the action, dealers are at the ready to teach the rules of even the most complicated games like craps.
The Journey is a smaller ship with plenty to do for adults, especially those who enjoy fine food and wine. But it really isn't a ship for kids: they will quickly get bored with the single pool.

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