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NOTE: This is a first impressions review, which means that this ship has not been fully reviewed by our staff. Please check back for a full review at a later date.

The offer 9 classes of cabin, from the 184 sq. ft. indoor staterooms to the luxurious Royal Suite, which offers over a thousand square feet of space, a large verandah, and a concierge service.

The Deluxe Oceanview Queen stateroom has an open layout that is plenty big enough for 3 or 4 people.

The Deluxe Oceanview Queen stateroom is big enough to sleep 3 or 4, with an option for a queen sized bed or twin beds, plus a single convertible couch and an upper berth pull-down bed.

The bathroom is small, but has all of the required facilities, including both a tub and a shower.

The verandah balcony is big enough for two people to sit on comfortably, with a small table and two chairs.

This is one of the largest of the cabins on the ship, with room for up to 7 people and a large living room area.

There are two bedrooms located alongside the living room, with a queen sized bed in one and twin beds in the other. The living room also offers a convertible sofa that forms an additional bed.

There are 2.5 bathrooms in total, with one connected to each bedroom and an additional half bathroom attached to the living room.

Plenty of storage space is offered in the bedrooms, with walk-in closets in both rooms.

The balcony runs the length of the suite, and has plenty of room for people to relax. A number of lounge chairs are supplied.

The One Bedroom Suite offers 614 square feet of space, with room for up to 5 guests.

The single bedroom of this suite offers a queen sized bed, and the couch in the living room can be converted into a bed as well.

Two bathrooms are available, attached to the bedroom and the living room. The bathroom is larger than most, and offers his & hers sinks.

The bedroom and living room are separated by a sliding door for privacy.

Plenty of storage space is on offer.

The large balcony could hold a number of guests, with 2 chairs and room for more.

Disney claims that the Standard Inside room can hold 3 or 4 guests, but it would be a tight squeeze: the room and storage is on the small side.

There is no separate bedroom, with the bed (queen size or twins are available) and a convertible couch.

The bathroom is rather small and feels very cramped. There is a shower and a tub.

The Deluxe Oceanview stateroom offers 214 sq. ft. of space, with a queen or twin beds and a convertible couch.

The bathroom is small, but adequate. There is a small storage space off of the bathroom.

The Deluxe Inside staterooms are a little larger than the standard ones, at 214 sq. ft. over the 184 sq. ft. of the standard stateroom. That makes for a more comfortable living space, especially with more than 2 guests.

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The bathroom is small and cramped, but does offer most of the amenities required. There is a split shower and tub.

This room is not overly large at 304 sq. ft., but it is big enough to accommodate up to 5 people. There is a bed (queen or twin), a convertible couch and two pull-down beds on one wall.

The bathroom is rather small, and is no bigger than the other staterooms. This could be an issue in the morning, with everyone queuing up to use it.

There is a small balcony off the room, which is large enough to hold two chairs and a table.

The Royal Suite offers 1,029 square feet of space, which is split into two bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a living room. The living room includes a wet bar.

There are two bedrooms in the Royal Suite, on either side of the living room. One offers a queen sized bed, the other twin beds and two pull-down beds.

Both bathrooms have marble floors and surfaces, and offer a whirlpool tub to soak away the royal stress.

Plenty of storage space is available in the entrance way, and these cupboards are large enough to hold several suitcases.

The balcony is very large and can be accessed from the living room or either bedroom.

A selection of toiletries are placed in your room before your arrival. The more expensive suites get a wider selection.

A TV is installed in every room.

All rooms offer a phone with voicemail services.

The turn down service is accompanied with animal-shaped folded towels (Disney refers to this as Towelgami) and a complimentary chocolate (or four).

The offers eight restaurants, ranging from the adults-only northern Italian Palo to the hot dogs and hamburgers of Pluto's Dog House. Guests rotate between the main restaurants over three nights, with assigned seating times and tables on each night.

The Animators Palate showcases Disney animation history, with portraits of Disney characters spread around the dining room. As the dinner is served, these animated drawings come to life, with the servers becoming part of the show and Disney characters visiting while you eat.

The lunch menu includes selections for kids, while the dinner menu is based around pacific rim cuisine.

Ice cream is the desert of choice at this restaurant.

Parrot Cay is a Caribbean-themed restaurant, with a menu to match that is heavy on the spices and seafood, as well as offering more classic foods for picky eaters.

A breakfast buffet is offered on most days.

Lunch is served between 12 and 2pm buffet style, but there is a sit-down lunch on some days. There are two seatings for dinner : 5:30 to 6pm and 8 to 8:30pm.

The desert options are limited, but include standard fare such as chocolate cake and rice pudding with a Jamacan twist of added chocholate.

The Beach Blanket Buffet has a more casual setup than some of the restaurants, and offers two seating areas: indoors and outdoors.

Breakfast is offered as a buffet, with a standard selection, including omelets, pancakes and mickey-shaped waffles.

Lunch is also a buffet, but with a wider selection of food options. For dinner, the buffet turns into a more formal affair, with servers and a 4-course menu. This restaurant can be chosen over any of the other main dining rooms on any night.

Named after Ariel's father in the The Little Mermaid, this restaurant is more formal than the others, with fancy mosaics on the walls and a walk-in wine cooler.

Breakfast is standard American food, with pancakes, waffles and the like on offer.

Lunch is an open-seating event, so you can sit anywhere you like. The dinner menu is french themed, with dishes such as escargots, seared sea bass and roasted duck.

Goofys Galley aims to fill those difficult hours between meals with a selection of snacks and treats, such as cookies and sandwiches.

Preludes is a small snack bar near the theater which offers pre- and post-show snack food.

There are three pools on this ship, with Mickeys pool being for the kids, Goofy for all the family, and the quiet cove pool for adults only.

Goofy's Pool

Goofy get a 4-foot deep pool, with 2 whirlpool spas.

Micky's Pool

Micky gets the kids pool, which is 2 feet deep and has a one story high water slide.

Quiet Cove

Parents who have had enough of their own children can escape to the Quiet Cove, an adults only pool on deck 11.

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There are a good range of entertainment and recreation options on the Disney Wonder, with options for all ages.

The Disney Wonder offers a small, but adequate selection of lounges and public spaces for sitting back to people watch and chill out.

As you would expect from a Dinsey ship, there is plenty for the kids to do, such as the Oceaneer club, the Edge club for tweens and the Vibe club for older kids.

The fitness center offers a wide selection of fitness machines and exercises

For adults, the Disney Wonder offers a wide range of bars, clubs and other late-night amusements.

The Cadillac Lounge is a bar for adults only themed after the car company of the same name.

Diversions is a sports bar that allows the sports fan to keep up with the latest scores while afloat. Children are allowed during the day, but it is adults-only at night.

Alongside the Quiet Cove pool is Signals, an adults-only bar.

Designed to look like the inside of a giant radio, the WaveBands bar is a family venue during the day, but becomes an adults-only bar at night.

Disney prides themselves on their shows, so it is no surprise that the cast members go all out to entertain with a number of shows that feature Disney favorites from both old and new movies. These take place in the Walt Disney Theater at the back of the ship.

The Disney Wonder is definitely intended for families first. While there are a few adults-only areas, you can expect a good number of kids darting around from one age-appropriate excitement to the next. While not a huge ship, compared to many others, the Wonder certainly has enough venues to keep you entertained for the duration.

NOTE: This is a first impressions review, which means that this ship has not been fully reviewed by our staff. Please check back for a full review at a later date.

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