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NOTE: This is a first impressions review, which means that this ship has not been fully reviewed by our staff, and has not been assigned scores. Please check back for a full review at a later date
Inside, Oceanview, Balcony and Suite are the four levels of staterooms on the Fantasia.

With variations in all of the four classes of stateroom, you can be staying on the in an Inside room with 170 square feet or a huge suite with space and seemingly endless amenities. The Royal Suite and the Executive and Family Suite are two of the most luxurious options on the with about 560 and 440 square feet, respectively.

Depending on your cabin level, the amenities change. For instance the Suite level rooms all come equipped with a Nintendo Wii. All staterooms have internet access for a fee, a safe and a mini-bar.


MSC manages to fit a desk, a small chair, a seating area, a bed, closets and a bathroom into 170 square feet.

The bedroom is the only room in the Inside stateroom, but the layout gives you enough space to both hang out and sleep.

The bathroom has it all, a toilet, shower stall and a sink crammed into an efficient floor plan.
Slightly larger than the standard room, and has an ocean view.

The Ocean View rooms are slightly larger than the Inside staterooms at 182 square feet and have the addition of a window to the outside. Otherwise, the layout is similar. A hallway has an attached bathroom and closet space that leads to the bedroom where there is a small seating area with a television.

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The bedroom is the main room, and on an Ocean View stateroom is slightly larger than the Inside version. There is more room for the living area with a couple of comfortable chairs.

You can see that the handicapped bathrooms on the have no raised floors and no tub which actually gives the passenger quite a bit of room to maneuver.

The living area is extended on the Ocean View staterooms giving plenty of room to sit and watch TV.
The Balcony Staterooms are the most affordable rooms with outdoor areas.

In roughly 230 square feet, passengers staying in the Balcony staterooms do not have too much more space than the Inside and Oceanview staterooms, but the outdoor space provides a reprieve from the stuffiness of ship living. Balcony rooms are arranged similarly in a long fashion with the balcony at one end connecting to the living area and the bedroom. Next to the bedroom is a hallway that leads to the bathroom, the closets and the entrance.

Beds can be either queen or two twins. These rooms are intended to sleep two, but it seems you could fit a third on the full couch in the living area.

The bathroom in a Balcony stateroom is an upgrade from the lower classes. There is space to move about instead of just enough to get the necessities done.

A small table and two chairs just fit on the veranda of a Balcony stateroom, perfect for two.
The easiest entrance fee to the Suite level cabins is the Yacht Club Deluxe Suite.

Up to 344 square feet is all yours if you reserve a Yacht Club Suite. The layout is much the same as the other rooms, with just more space everywhere. The balcony is larger than a Balcony stateroom, the living area gains an extra comfortable chair to use the extra space, and the bathroom gains a full sized tub.

The bed can be either be a queen or a pair of twins. Though the bedroom is still connected to the living room, the bed does not dominate all of the living space like the lower level staterooms.

The balcony is spacious for two people in the Yacht Club Deluxe Suite, so you might want to invite a few friends to fill it out.
This suite has separated sleeping and living areas as well as a balcony.

The bedroom at this suite level is separated from the living room. There is a walk-in closet and a larger bathroom with a full sized tub. The entire floor plan takes up an average of 440 square feet.

Beds can be two twins or a single queen in a room all to itself. With this separation you could realistically fit three or more people in this suite but you should consult MSC first.

The bathrooms in the Yacht Club Executive Suite get a marble floor and counter top makeover and a full sized tub for bathing.

Conversationally encouraged arrangement of furniture in the living room invites guests in the Executive Suite to bring home other passengers for a bout of interesting dialogue.

Walk-in closets provide a separated space to store all of your clothes and cruise knickknacks. A combination safe is also provided for storing valuables.
The Fantasia offers a varied set of dining options in six restaurants.

Mediterranean, all types of Italian, French, Tex Mex, a la carte and buffet options are the fare at the 's selection of restaurants. Most of the restaurants require a reservation for dinner as well as a dress code that varies between venues.


Looking for Tex Mex on an Italian cruise ship? El Sombrero is what you want.

El Sombrero is the Tex Mex themed restaurant with fake cacti and a Chevrolet as decorations. The menu is spicy and cheesy the way Tex Mex should be. A fee is paid to dine at this restaurant and you will need a reservation.
Il Cerchio D’Oro is an Italian restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Enjoy views on three sides of the ship when you dine at Il Cerchio D'Oro. Each day, a new region of Italy is the focus of the menu. Walk-in open seating is available for breakfast and lunch, but you will need a reservation for dinner.

All regions of Italy are incorporated into dishes served at Il Cerchio D'Oro. Some renowned Italian classics show up as well as some hidden gems from lesser known areas.

Catch some unreserved buffet dining at L’Africana.

Aft of the you will find the large buffet style restaurant L'Africana. No need for a reservation or fancy clothes, you can stroll right in and catch a wide selection of food for each of the three daily meals.
L’Etoile serves gourmet French cuisine in a more intimate setting.

Make sure to get a reservation and pay your fee before you eat at L'Etoile the gourmet French option on the . Dress is smart casual but on formal nights they expect a suit or a tuxedo for gentlemen and a cocktail dress for the ladies.
In the main dining room they serve traditional Italian food.

The dedicates two deck floors to the Red Velvet restaurant which feeds passengers Italian classics on a walk-in basis. You won't need a reservation, but casual smart dress is recommended for dinner. Breakfast and lunch are more casual but they will not accept bathing suits.
A very casual restaurant on the Fantasia with a similar look to L’Africana.

Mostly buffet meals for breakfast and lunch, Zanzibar will occasionally serve à la carte from an extensive pizza menu. Service stops at 2:00 pm but feel free to walk right in and grab some grub from the buffet.
The Fantasia has five pool areas, some of which are far more than just a pool.

Pools & Decks.png

The pools on this ship are large and inventive. There is a kids pool with a slide, a water park that swirls through and around obstructions, a large pool with retractable roof and private pools for passengers staying in the Yacht Club level staterooms.
Five pool areas offer a range of swimming options.

Lido Catalano

The aft pool on the is the most straightforward pool, with a few whirlpools on the edges,. The Lido Catalano would be the place for a relaxing swim and soak.

Aqua Park Pools

The Aqua Park is an amazing construction of pool areas woven together to create a fun water park atmosphere. Deck areas dotted with whirlpools walk through the park which is really made up of several separated pools on different levels. It looks spectacular and would be great fun for the kids.

I Tropici Pool

Located midships inside the the I Tropici Pool is an expansive indoor swimming area with a retractable roof three decks above the water. As with the other pools, several whirlpools sit around the edges of the I Tropici Pool.

Yacht Club Pools

A couple of exclusive whirlpools and a small swimming pool are located forward of the . These pools are only for guests that have purchased Yacht Club packages for their stay aboard this ship.
Plenty of sunning opportunities present themselves topside on the Fantasia.


There are plenty of sunbathing options in recliners and otherwise on the decks of the . There is a small bar that will take your drink orders on the go. The decks offer enough space for a stroll or a slow jog.

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There are a ton of entertainment options on the Fantasia.


There are a wide range of activities on the with options for kids as well as adults.
There are 12 different venues for relaxing, grabbing a cup of coffee or experiencing some activity on the Fantasia.

Wending your way through the decks of the you will notice the incredible number of cafés, small snackeries and activity lounges available to passengers.

Cigar Lounge

Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ’em at the Cigar Lounge. Premium cigars are on sale but you can smoke whatever you brought with you.

Il Cappuccino

A coffee bar where the walls are shaped like chocolates sounds like an wonderful fantasy, one that comes true at Il Cappuccino aboard the Fantasia.

Il Graffiti

Let the kids dance already! Il Graffiti is the hip hangout for tween to teen aged kids aboard the Fantasia. Graffiti sprayed on the walls sets the scene for a late evening of dancing in this street inspired dance club.

Il Polo Di Nord

Il Polo Di Nord (or the North Pole) is the children’s area on the Fantasia. Arctically themed stuffed animals and multilevel snow scenes provide a wintry adventure for kids younger than the tween generation.

L'Insolito Lounge

This is the place to catch a live music performance and dance your heart out. A piano stands in the middle with a resident pianist, but other groups will take the main stage and bang out a few bars while you sip on a fancy drink.

Le Privé

One of a couple of nightclubs on the Fantasia where you can dance as hard as you want to DJ spun tunes that last until late into the night.

Manhattan Room

Jazz themed lounge, the Manhattan Room, offers a selection of premium whiskeys and a cool environment to relax and listen to some smooth tunes.

Experience some fine photography at the photo gallery on board. This is also the place to pick up any photos taken of you and your group while on the trip.

Piaza San Giorgio

An endless supply of sweets come in the form of ice cream, chocolate, pastries and probably much more at the Piaza San Giorgio. The ice cream is distinctly Italian the way it should be, and the selection is vast enough for even the most punctilious sweet tooth.

Teatro L'Avanguardia

The main show lounge, Teatro L’Avanguardia, has seating for a good portion of the ship. You will be able to catch a variety of performances that depend on your specific itinerary.

Top Sail Lounge

The Top Sail Lounge is exclusive to passengers staying in Yacht Club level rooms and above. This lounge doubles as a bar and observation deck. Floor to ceiling windows surrounding the edges of this lounge provide the best views on the ship. Comfortable seating in a relaxed setting makes a great place to grab a drink.

Yacht Club Atrium

Observe the opulence of the Yacht Club experience. The lobby alone is beautiful, but you also have access to exclusive pools and lounges if you pay a little more.

La Carmella

A colorful candy bar with all of your sweetest dreams in mind, La Carmella sells candy by weight.

The spa encompasses the fitness center and has rooms for tanning, massages and some skin treatments. Plenty of towels are on hand for whatever your need.

If you're feeling up to it, the exercise machines provide a beautiful view.

The XD or 4D movie theater will cost a few euros, but it is a show with where the audience is involved. The chairs in this theater will whip you through several scenarios like "Haunted Mine". A unique experience to be sure.

There is a pay arcade aboard the where game classics reside. More notably, this arcade has an F1 simulator to show you what it is like to sit inside an F1 racing car and hit the professional roadways.

The Poker Room is a lounge set aside for the high rollers looking to play a lengthy game of Texas Hold 'em or other poker varieties.

Several bars and nightclubs light up the night on the . Each nighttime activity offers a different take on fun so here we delineate the lot of them.

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Located aft, the Lido Catalano is the drink bar by the Lido pool.

Serving drinks from midday into the night, the Lido Catalano is a casual bar for people swimming in the aft Lido pool.
The main bar on the Fantasia.

The main bar located midships is large and hard to miss when you are on board. It is a centralized location to meet up with people after regrouping back at the staterooms, and a good place to grab a drink before dinner.
A swank piano bar with cocktails on the side.

Il Transatlantico has a pianist every night of the cruise. The low lights and the music will combine to remind you of a secretly dungeonous jazz club where underground gigs are the musical fare and only hipsters know the location.
This wine bar has oenology written all over it.

Resembling an ancient cellar, La Cantina Toscana wine bar offers a variety of grapes from a host of vintners. Large booths surround stability supports and create a modern atmosphere.
Another bar and lounge on the Fantasia with post-modern design in mind.

Square backed lounge chairs and sprays of LED lighting make for an interesting setting at this bar. Cocktails and mingling are the way to go here.
The main discotheque on board, Liquid Disco spins the tunes until the early morn.

You already know that Liquid Disco is synonymous with dancing your pants off, but you may not know that complimentary exercise classes, dance lessons and stretching sessions are held on the dance floor of this disco. Check your itinerary for such instructional options.
The Sports Bar shows major matches for a variety of sports.

Elegantly decorated with tightly stitched leather chairs and booths, this sports bar is a little fancier than Americans may be used to. Television screens in every booth can be tuned to the game of your choosing.
The Casino has all the standard table games and slots.

The Casino delle Palme is an extensive gaming area that is open only while at sea. All people interested in gaming must be 21 years of age even though this is a European boat. Craps, blackjack, roulette, video poker and slots are just some of the chances you will have to win some of that cruise money back.
The Fantasia is the largest MSC Cruise ship currently on the sea. The list of activities is long enough to be daunting, but this bevy of lounges, bars, nightclubs, restaurants and activities will make sure that all ages will be entertained, especially with the clubs for dedicated to children and teens.

NOTE: This is a first impressions review, which means that this ship has not been fully reviewed by our staff, and has not been assigned scores. Please check back for a full review at a later date.

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