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NOTE: This is a first impressions review, which means that this ship has not been fully reviewed by our staff, and has not been assigned scores. Please check back for a full review at a later date.
The Marina has four levels of staterooms, Inside, Ocean View, Veranda, and Suites.

The four different room types on the are (from most affordable to most luxurious) Inside, Ocean View, Veranda, and Suite level rooms. The Suites come in four different flavors that we outline in this review.

Ocean View rooms are not discussed in this review. Ocean View rooms offer a slight luxury edge on the Inside rooms with 240 square feet but no balcony option.
The Concierge Veranda stateroom sleeps two people in 280 square feet.

This room is designed to have an open layout with the bed dominating the room, with space for a small couch in a living area that leads to the balcony. The bathroom comes off the front hall, where you will also find the cutouts for the closets.

There is no pullout couch in this cabin, which will restrict you to two people per room. But with 280 square feet, two people will be very comfortable.

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The bathroom has a tub with shower options and, though it is tightly packed, you have a little more room than many cruise ships.

The living room has just enough space to sit with a cup of coffee and watch the TV.

A small table and two chairs furnish the balcony. You could maybe fit third person out there but it would be a squeeze.
The Inside staterooms are the most affordable on the Marina.

170 square feet is generous for an inside room. Many cruise lines will give you only enough room for your bed, but in these inside rooms there is often a small sitting area as well.

You can opt for a queen or two twin beds, in this example the extra space is used to make a walkway around the queen sized bed.

Oceania believes that though your bathroom may be small, it does not have to be a plastic veneered cage. Marble counter tops and walls give a smaller space a sense of luxury.
The Oceania Suite is the mid-level suite in the in the Marina suite structure.

At about 1000 square feet in total, each Oceania suite offers a dining room, living room with walk-in closets, two baths, a master bedroom, a media room and a balcony that runs the length of the suite.

Your bed is king sized in the Oceania Suite and in a completely separate room from the rest of the suite. There are a couple of couches that could be used to sleep up to five, but you should ask the concierge before you harbor stowaways.

Two bathrooms give you and your guests a little more freedom. The master bathroom is spacious even for a room on the land, with a European toilet, a shower and a whirlpool tub.

Several sectioned areas create multiple living spaces in the Oceania Suite. A small table inside can be used for an in-room breakfast, there is a conversationally arranged living area, a small bar, and a media room around the corner.

The balcony runs across the suite lengthwise, giving the Oceania Suite guests plenty of outdoor space. One end of the balcony holds the second whirlpool tub for a relaxing outside soak.
The largest and most expensive suite on the Oceania Marina.

In 2000 marvelous square feet, a large central entrance hall (with closets and a half bath) branches off into the master bedroom and bathroom on one end, and the spacious living area on the other.

The master bedroom offers a king sized bed, with loads of extra space surrounding it. There are some chairs and a vanity table in this room that could be a suite all unto itself.

The large circular marble bathroom has a roomy shower stall as well as a full sized whirlpool bathtub, with openings onto one of the balconies.

The extra space in this suite is unbelievable for a cruise ship. When you walk in, a baby grand piano sits comfortably in the main hall next to a small bar and seating area. The living room really is three rooms put together with couches and an entertainment center. In addition to these extras, a small exercise room lets you work out at leisure, in private.

The walk-in closets could be more aptly named walk-in-and-around closets, there's so much space.

Two balconies are entered from either side of the entrance hall. The side closest to the master bedroom has a whirlpool tub at one end. Both balconies wrap around the entire area of the suite, giving guests views on three sides of the Marina.
The Penthouse Suite is the entry-level suite package on the Marina.

With 420 square feet and all the amenities included in the suite package, the Penthouse is laid out like a Veranda stateroom with more room all around. The hall leading to the bedroom has larger closets and a roomier bathroom. The bedroom has space all around the bed and a small seating area at the foot. The living area is more sectioned off than in a Veranda stateroom, and opens up onto the balcony.

Using the privacy curtain separating the living room, the bedroom becomes its own room with space for a small table and seats to watch the television while enjoying a morning cup of joe. This room sleeps two with no convertible couch.

The bathroom has a full sized whirlpool tub and enough space to move around.

You may be able to walk into these closets, but you won't get very far. Still, the extra storage space is notable.

The Penthouse Suite balcony has larger furniture for a more comfortable two person experience.
One level below the Owner’s Suite, the Vista Suite is one of the top luxury options on the Marina.

All Vista Suites overlook the bow of the Marina and offer two bathrooms, a large living room, private fitness area, king sized bed with extra space, and walk-in closets in a 1200 square foot space.

Though not directly connected the balcony, the bedroom has views of the sea, a king bed, a vanity table and chairs. You could sleep more than two in this suite if you utilize the couch space, but Oceania does not intend for extra passengers.

Two bathrooms fill out the Vista Suite. The master bathroom has a full whirlpool bath, His and Hers sinks and vanities. The other bathroom is a comfortable half bath.

Two seating areas in the large living room give the sense of separate spaces. A small fitness area with exercise bike lets you get into your routine as you roll out of bed.

Walk-in closets will hold as much luggage as you can carry in a Vista Suite.

Enough room to entertain, the balconies have a table and some reclining chairs. The view from a Vista Suite is off the bow of the Marina.
Cabin amenities vary depending on the level of stateroom you reserve.


Found in the bathroom of every stateroom are French-milled toiletries including hand-crafted soap and the usual set of spa essentials.

All staterooms come with flat panel televisions.

Staterooms without 24 hour butler service have mini-fridges replenished with complimentary soft drinks and water daily.

All rooms have a direct dial satellite phone and cellular service.

The Suite level rooms come with butler services, a personal concierge for your every need.
Eight restaurants with various themes keep the dining options wide open.

Oceania has an open seating policy, encouraging passengers to show up with however many in a party at whatever time they please within the open hours of each of the six open restaurants. Two other restaurants require reservations and are extremely exclusive: Privee and La Reserve.

The main dining area on the Marina, offering European-continental cuisine.

Highlighting this restaurant is the massive chandelier in the center of the seating area. Menus change daily at the Grand Dining Room with at least six appetizers and nine entrees every evening.

Food is either European in style or clipped from the world famous Canyon Ranch menus that promote healthy living.
Modern takes on French classics can be had at Jacques.

Jacques Pepín (Executive chef of the ) plans the menus for the entire ship, but the restaurant Jacques is his pet project, where he delivers the kind of meals he would like to make. As you walk in, your appetite will be teased by delicious animals roasting rotisserie style behind a glass display.

A couple of sample menus give you a sense of what Jacques plans to serve at Jacques.

The dessert menu comes with several cordials to pair with the sweeter options on order.
La Reserve is one of two restaurants requiring a reservation and offers exclusive wine-paired dinners to passengers willing to pay the $75 cover charge.

La Reserve is a wine bar during the day where you can taste a flight of reds or whites with sommelier instruction. In the evening, La Reserve serves pre-registered guests seven gourmet courses, each paired with one of the wines selected by international magazine experts at the Wine Spectator. Only 24 people are allowed to dine at La Reserve each night and a fee of $75 per person is required.

Menus change daily at La Reserve, but most of the options are based around French cuisine.
The Polo Grill is the steakhouse option on the Marina.

Looking for a juicy steak and hearty sides? Passengers on the head to the Polo Grill. In addition to the food, slanted floor to ceiling windows that line the edges of the Polo create a dine in observation deck for passengers.
Pulling from the Polo Grill and Toscana menus, Privee is a privately reserved room with all the frills for no more than eight guests.

Privee must be reserved in advance and can be booked for a party no larger than eight. An extra fee of $250 is incurred for the pleasure of dining at Privee, but the service and indulgences are the most opulent onboard. Guests can create their own menus from the offerings at either the Polo Grill or Toscana. The food is great, but the white crocodile leather chairs, matching menus, and private view are features to mention as well.
Pan-Asian fusion is the fare at Red Ginger.

Designers of Red Ginger cite feng shui as a heavy influence on this pan-Asian restaurant on the . Chefs at Red Ginger fuse traditional Asian cuisine with globalized, modern interpretations.
The Terrace Café is the casual buffet option on the Marina.

With seating that transitions from inside to out, the Terrace Café is a laid back dining experience. The buffet changes regularly in nationality and made-to-order grilled meals are always an option as well. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served.

Breakfast is a vast display of continental American cuisine. Pastries and pre-prepared options work in conjunction with an omelet bar for a made-to-order meal.
Toscana serves northern Italian classics.

Toscana serves food according to Tuscan tradition, with interpretations of the northern Italian countryside lining the walls.
One pool with a few whirlpools and plenty of deck areas for relaxing.

The one pool is located right in the middle of the . Surrounding the pool are areas to sunbathe.
Only one pool on the Marina.

The Marina Pool

The pool has a couple of whirlpools and and a fountain surrounding it. There are places to wade and deeper parts to swim. Around the pool, on the deck, are full sized, fully reclining bed chairs with mattress-like pads that seem like the ultimate opportunity for mid-trip napping.

Lounges, wine tastings, bars, nightclubs and a casino will keep you busy aboard the Marina.

The has plenty to do for adults looking for a good time in one of seven public lounges and four different bars as well as performances and the casino.
Lounges of all varieties provide entertainment for an adult crowd.

A grown-ups playground can be found among the various lounges and activities aboard the . Below you will find a list of the public spaces on the ship.
You won’t want to miss the on-board spa run by Canyon Ranch with a full-service hair salon.

Hair Salon

The hair salon has several resident professionals proficient in styling, coloring, makeup and nails.
A large fitness center offers all types of workout equipment

Cardio machines line the floor to ceiling window walls to catch the ocean view. Most types of weight machines are offered as well as a studio for classes, with options for group and private instruction.
Four bars and nightclubs, a casino, and regular performances make up the nighttime entertainment on the Marina.

Four bars and nightclubs, a casino, and regular performances make up the nighttime entertainment on the .

Horizons is a nightclub on the topmost deck of the Marina.

Doubling as nightclub and observation deck, Horizons offers tea and cakes during the day, and a DJ at night. It is located on the top deck of the .
Martinis is a cocktail bar on the Marina with a theme of fine art.

Live piano music accompanies more than 20 varieties of the classic cocktail for which Martinis is named. Leading into the bar is a mini art gallery displaying some heavy hitters in the art world.
The Grand Bar is the place to go for a pre-dinner libation.

Close to the casino on deck 6, the Grand Bar is a long lounge with comfortable seating. The bar offers a full cocktail menu.
Out by the pool, Waves Bar is the place for outdoor drinking.

On deck 12 next to the pool, Waves Bar, the only outdoor bar on the , offers drinks to swimmers with no dress code enforcement.
A full service casino offers all types of table games and slots.

The casino on the is done in the Monte Carlo style, with blackjack, roulette, slots, poker and more. The casino bar is its own attraction, with a purple lighting scheme that is unusual, to say the least.
Shows and performances are held in the Marina Lounge.

The Marina Lounge offers a variety of shows which change with each sailing. Comedians, magicians, musical ensembles and shows a la Broadway are usually on offer, but check your itinerary to see what will play.

The is among the larger ships from Oceania, equipped with beautiful cabins, restaurants, and retreats. Luxury is definitely the word that comes to mind. It would not be a good pick for families, though, as there is little entertainment for the kids.

NOTE: This is a first impressions review, which means that this ship has not been fully reviewed by our staff, and has not been assigned scores. Please check back for a full review at a later date.

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