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GE FUF14SVRWW Upright Freezer

This unassuming little freezer is a powerhouse of performance.

Just wire, plastic, and cold air

This 13.7-cubic-foot freezer is about as basic as it gets in terms of design. The white textured finish on the outside is good for hiding dust and smudges, while the smooth plastic handle is comfortable to grip, even though it does feel a bit cheap.

Don’t be fooled by the simple appearance, though: This is an auto-defrost freezer, which makes life easier.

A door lock is always good to have, especially if the freezer is going into a household with small children or spouses who forget to close doors behind them. The interior light is also a nice touch.

Calm, cool, and collected

GE FUF14SVRWW Controls

Having the controls on the outside is a nice touch.

This GE is remarkably spot-on, with an average temperature throughout of 0.1ºF. Over time, we noticed a degree shift of ±0.6ºF, which is also fantastic. There was an average gap of about ±1.2ºF from one extreme of the freezer to the other, which is somewhat better than average. Turn down the thermostat by one notch (we had it set to 4), and you’ll have a nearly perfect freezer.

Low tech

This GE is definitely designed for basic freezing. Three wire shelves and a sliding bucket on the bottom make up the primary storage locations, and none of them are adjustable. Door shelves are fixed in place, as well. If you want to buy 70 different kinds of frozen vegetables, some of them will probably get lost; if you’re planning to get a stack of 16 packages of chicken breast, pile ‘em up and be on your way—just make sure they don’t fall over when you open the door.

GE FUF14SVRWW Interior

There's no internal customization, but this freezer can handle lots of food nevertheless.

The thermostat uses a 0-7 scale—standard for mid- to low-cost freezers—but having it on the outside is a nice perk. If you need to make an adjustment, you won't lose any cold air, especially important since this upright lacks a quick chill feature.

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A fast freeze and a slow thaw

Room-temperature materials took a mere one hour and 90 minutes to cool down to 32ºF, a very rapid pace for an upright freezer. What’s more, it only took 15.5 hours to get everything down to 0ºF, which is also incredibly fast for such an affordable product.

While the GE got very cold, very quickly, it did warm up somewhat more quickly than we’d like. After 36 hours without power, the contents of the freezer had technically thawed, reaching 38ºF. If you live in an area with frequent outages, keep this in mind.

Standard storage

Internal storage for this GE wasn’t terribly surprising. Three fixed shelves and a bucket at the bottom is typical for an affordable upright, though an actual sliding drawer is a nice changed from a wire gate that keeps food from sliding out.

Taking into account the space filled with shelves, drawers, light bulbs, and any other obstruction, we found that this GE offers up a commendable 11.68 usable cubic feet of storage.

GE FUF14SVRWW Interior

There's no internal customization, but this freezer can handle lots of food nevertheless.

GE FUF14SVRWW Controls

Having the controls on the outside is a nice touch.

Remarkably consistent

The biggest reason to choose this GE upright? Fundamental performance excellence. When it comes to bringing temperatures down and keeping them that way, this freezer didn’t pull any punches in our tests.

Our one suggestion would be to turn the thermostat down to 5 or 6; we had it set to 4, at which point temperatures averaged 0.1ºF. That’s fantastic in and of itself, especially since temperatures barely shifted over time. Still, it's best to make every effort to temperatures below 0ºF to minimize freezer burn.

Big, open, chilly spaces

To reiterate, the GE FUF14SVRWW is not a fancy freezer. It lacks customizability and doesn't have much going for it in the looks department. That said, the fixed shelves and excellent freezing performance of this upright make it ideal for consumers looking to store large quantities (or slabs) of meat but don’t have the floor space for a chest freezer—or the time to defrost one. With most retailers selling it for around $600, it’s definitely a fantastic bargain.

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