This Ingenious Moped Cooler Puts Your Party on Wheels

Krewesing for a brewsing


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If the Coolest Cooler and its mind-bogglingly successful Kickstarter campaign have taught us anything, it’s that people aren’t satisfied with carrying just their drinks around—they want to take the entire party with them.

Kreweser Loaded

The Kreweser boasts space for up to 96 cans.

The Kreweser seems like the next logical step. You’re probably thinking it just looks like a motorized tricycle with a cooler as a seat. Well, that’s basically what it is, and we fail to see how that’s a bad thing.

But while the Kreweser puts your party on wheels—especially if you grab the upgraded version with built-in Bluetooth speakers—it's more than just a motorized cooler. In fact, the 94-quart/96-can icebox is just the attention-grabber: The hub motor located in the trike's front wheel is where all the interesting tech is found.

According to Kreweser’s Kickestarter, that little motor can haul a 400-pound load and propel you at speeds of up to 18 mph. The cooler and the frame are completely separate components, and the frame can be handily folded up for easy transport.

Kreweser's designers have also suggested that custom modifications may be on the way in the future, which further cements the idea that the scooter frame is the real product and the cooler is just an accessory.

Kreweser Collapsed

The scooter frame can be folded for easier transport.

But does this thing stand a chance of toppling the Coolest’s record-setting $13.2 million Kickstarter fund? Well, that will depend on how many people are willing to drop $649 on it.

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That's a hefty asking price, but it could be worth it for people who want a mobile bikefull of beer at their next camping trip or tailgate party. (A higher-priced option includes a custom cooler wrap with the logo of your favorite sports team or any other design you choose.)

With about three weeks left to meet its funding goal, it won’t be long before we find out if the world is ready for the Kreweser.

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