Bosch Axxis WTV76100US Review

Only if size is a primary concern is this pricey, slow dryer worth considering.

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Designed for small homes, Bosch's Axxis WTV76100US has an extremely miniscule footprint for a full-feature dryer. It's ideal for someone who wants a high-end machine that doesn't take up very much space. The dryer is vented and runs on 220V power, but as long as you have the necessary hookups, it'll fit nearly anywhere.

That doesn't mean the Axxis is without tradeoffs. The biggest is that dry cycles took a very long time—often a half hour longer than average—and the cheapest we could find this unit online was just under $800. For that money, you could take your pick of some of the best full-size dryers on the market. Unless you've got serious space limitations, a larger option is almost certainly a better pick.

Design & Usability

A real looker, but not the smartest

Few dryers look this good. The glass front door gives the unit a sturdy, industrial feel, but its size on the whole makes loading bulky laundry a little difficult. A two-piece lint trap folds open for cleaning, and must be replaced in the same direction it was removed. More than once, we had to take a few minutes to figure out why the lint trap wouldn't fit.

There isn't even a chime to let you know when a cycle is finished.

This has no timer, no digital display, and no custom features. There isn't even a chime to let you know when a cycle is finished. All users will find here is a cycle knob, a touch-sensitive button to adjust cycles for delicate fabrics, and a start/stop control.

Performance & Features

A plain Jane, but thorough

With 90-minute cycles, time isn't on your side.

This is a bare-bones machine whose main selling point is its small footprint. There are really only three dry cycles on offer here: Permanent Press, Cotton, and Timed Dry. Within those, there are options for Extra, Very, Regular, or Damp Dry. There's also the ability to choose a Delicates option. Beyond this, there is no way to customize individual cycles for duration, temperature, or dry level.

Insofar as performance goes, with 90-minute cycles, time isn't on your side. The did a good job getting clothes bone dry, but it just took too long to do it. Finally, bear in mind that since this dryer has a small drum, so it's even more important not to overload it, as clothes tightly packed together may not have the chance to adequately tumble dry.

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To buy, or not to buy?

Found online for under $800, the Bosch Axxis WTV76100US is pricey for a dryer with average performance and long cycles—until you consider just how few compact dryers are on the market.

It can fit almost anywhere there's a 220V outlet and a vent.

Price aside, the Axxis has its benefits: It can fit almost anywhere there's a 220V outlet and a vent. Its cycles do take nearly twice as long as conventional dryers, but they manage to get clothes dry without using extremely high temperatures. If you don't have a laundry room, it's also important to note that the Axxis feels well built and is attractive enough to stay in a kitchen, hallway or bathroom.

Don't fret if this is the biggest dryer you can put in your home. It does a good job, though it costs a lot and takes awhile. But unless you can't possibly fit a larger dryer into a space, we'd recommend skipping the Axxis.

Science Introduction

This Bosch got clothes dry most every time, but how did it do on our other tests? Does it handle clothes carefully? Does it take a million years to finish the work? Our tests reveal the details.

The Go-To Cycles

We throw two popular go-to cycles through the wringer.

On the Normal cycle, the dryer reached a peak temperature of 115.4ºF in its quest to get clothes dry. An hour and 45 minutes after that quest began, the dryer finally stopped tumbling. Our test load was 100 percent dry, but our afternoon was shot too. While times should really be around an hour tops, we still appreciated this cycle's finished work and its gentle temperatures.

We were especially impressed with the second go-to mode, the Delicates cycle. Most dryers either burn clothes to a crisp or leave them damp on this setting. In the case of the Axxis, clothes ended up 100 percent dry at a temperature just north of 111ºF, which is wonderfully gentle and entirely safe for soft, brightly colored fabrics. The only downer? It took nearly two hours to complete.

Bulky & Quick Cycle Tests

We wrap up testing with two cycles that commonly struggle.

Large comforters and bundles of sheets probably won't fit.

For our quick cycle test, we used a 40 minute Timed Dry. After observing the damp test load that the dryer delivered, it's clear why other cycles took much longer. Laundry was only 57 percent dry! Looks like there really isn't any way around this machine's sluggishness. Finally, after an hour and a half of drying, our bulky test load was entirely dried.

A word of caution though: Large comforters and bundles of sheets probably won't fit in this small dryer to begin with, so don't hope for too much on that front.

Other Tests

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