LG DLEX4070V Dryer Review

Your laundry should get dry. Maybe a little too dry


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The LG DLEX4070V (MSRP $1,399.99 in platinum or $1,299.99 in white) is a 7.4 cu ft. dryer. The best thing about it is its ability to get your laundry completely dry. However, the DLEX4070V doesn’t apply this ability evenly across the board: The Normal cycle got hotter than any other dryer I’ve ever encountered, but the Bedding cycle didn’t get hot enough to cut through half the moisture in a comforter. Still, if you’re looking for a machine that has style and features to spare, the DLEX4070V may work for you.

Design & Usability

Simple with a dash of flair

The LG DLEX4070V is a good-looking machine. The graphite colored exterior is accented with chrome and soft, white LED's. Plus, there’s a drum light!

As impressive as this machine looks from far away, it’s a little cluttered where it counts. The DLEX4070V has 15 different cycles all crowded around a dial. At a glance, I found it difficult to know which cycle I had selected. Other than that, the 7.4 cu ft. capacity allows for easy loading and unloading, and the large door didn't hurt accessibility. A rack allows you to warm up or dry items that shouldn't tumble, like hats and shoes.

Performance & Features

Hot and Cold, like New England Weather

The LG DLEX4070V can get too hot. We recorded a peak temperature of 173°F during the Normal cycle, and the majority of the 54 minute cycle was spent above 150°F. To put that in perspective, that’s hot enough to cook an egg. Although our test laundry came out completely dry, the high heat can cause undue damage, like shrinkage.

Knowing that this LG could crank up the thermostat, we expected it to do so on our test comforter. However, the Bedding cycle only stayed too cool. Test after test, the control panel said the cycle would take around 50 minutes, but the buzzer sounded, on average, after only 28. The result was a half-dry comforter. It’s standard practice to run the Bedding cycle twice, flipping the comforter in between cycles, so we tried that and our comforter still didn’t get completely dry.

Steam hookup

Unlike other dryers, the DLEX4070V has a drawer to throw water in.

The Delicates and Speed Dry cycles did impress, staying well under 130°F while still doing a good job. The Speed Dry finished in 25 minutes and got our half-size test load almost completely dry. Delicates stayed at a cool 105°F, which will protect most fragile clothing.

The DLEX4070V’s most impressive feature is its steam cycles. You don’t even need to hook up a hose in the back; instead, you fill a reservoir drawer with water. Adding steam during the Sanitary cycle can refresh throw pillows and stuffed animals which otherwise can't withstand heavy tumbling.

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Before You Buy

Quick and to the Point

True Steam

The DLEX4070V has plenty of steam options

The LG DLEX4070V is a middling dryer, but it really shines when considered as an overall laundry machine. The Normal cycle got clothes perfectly dry in under an hour, and the Speed Dry cycle dried a small load in half that time. However, the Normal cycle got too hot, and the Bedding cycle couldn't even get our test comforter half dry.

Still, this machine has plenty of features like SteamFresh, which allows consumers to clean stuffed and delicate items that can't stand the rigors of a washer or dryer. The ability to have steam without having to hook up an additional hose is also a plus. Don't count out the DLEX4070V. Just keep an eye on what you put into it, and make sure you adjust its temperature accordingly.

By the Numbers

Our opinion stands on the shoulders of science. In this section, we explain the methods we used to test as well as the meaning of the results. With dryers, it's all about how well it removed moisture and how fast.

Normal & Speed Dry

The Normal cycle test consists of eight-pounds of laundry wet to 1.7 times its weight. We placed the test on the the DLEX4070V. The cycle ended after 54 minutes, and our sensors picked up a maximum temperature of 173.9°F. We weighed the test load and found that it was 100% dry. However, at over 170°F, your clothing stands a higher chance of being worn out. The time it took for the DLEX4070V is on par with most other dryers.


Example of iButtons, which measure temperature and humidity.

The Speed Dry cycle is tested with a truncated four-pound load. It suffered from similar drawbacks as the Normal cycle, reaching a maximum temperature of over 160°F. It took around 25 minutes and got our test laundry 95% dry. That's a fairly good showing, most Quick Dry cycles are designed for only a handful of items. To be able to handle half a load of laundry is quite a feat, regardless of how hot it got.

Bedding & Delicates

The Bedding cycle fared the worst in our tests. We soaked a test comforter until it weighed 1.5 times more. We placed it in and twenty-three minutes later the buzzer sounded, when we took the comforter out it wasn't even half dry. The max temperature recorded didn't even break 140, which is inadequate for such a bulky load. That's surprising since the Normal was 30 degrees higher than that.

The Delicates cycle did fairly well. The DLEX4070V did not exceed temperatures above 106°F, plenty gentle. After 57 minutes, our clothes came out 83% dry. Since most people don't throw in eight-pounds of delicates at a time, this cycle did well. The Delicates took a while, but it stayed cool.

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