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For color in the kitchen, True paints its fridge

True Residential applied an automotive-grade paint to a fridge

True Slate Pearl Finish Credit: / Keith Barry

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No matter how many times you get your car detailed, a new refrigerator will put its paint job to shame.

Unveiled at the Dwell on Design home show in Los Angeles, the True 42 refrigerator with a Slate Pearl finish uses an automotive-grade paint to add a new finish to a very traditional product.

Instead of simply applying a coating to a bare metal exterior, True started with a stainless fridge and gave it the same sort of finish that a new BMW or Lexus gets.

True's new fridge finish
Credit: / Keith Barry

Attendees at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles admire True's new fridge finish.

It’s no surprise that True started off with a metallic black look. The black stainless finish took off when KitchenAid, LG, and Samsung almost simultaneously revealed appliance suites with a slightly darker shade of stainless. Positioned as a more premium finish than traditional stainless, it’s one of a few competitors to stainless steel that has actually become popular.

True’s built-in fridge costs significantly more than anything you can get at your local Home Depot. A starting price well north of $10,000 is a lot, but remember that it’s essentially a commercial refrigerator that’s been adapted for home use.

A representative from True told us that the company is exploring additional color options—including a black finish with bronzed hinges.

In theory, True can paint a fridge with any custom color or finish you desire—as long as you can afford it. A few other manufacturers allow custom color treatments. Bertazzoni, Dacor, and BlueStar all sell painted panels, but none of them have the same metallic finish that True showed off.

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