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Rather than a whole new material, Black Diamond actually has a base of stainless steel that is coated with the darker hue, then topped with a nanoceramic coating that we've been told makes the surfaces of the appliances more smudge-resistant and easier to clean.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Looney

LG Microwave in Black Diamond

So how does it really look? To be honest, we thought it looked a lot like stainless. When we walked into the LG kitchen display that was fully stocked with Black Diamond appliances, it took us a few seconds to realize we were staring at something other than typical stainless steel. In fact, it wasn’t until we saw a side-by side comparison with a stainless steel frying pan held against the Black Diamond appliances that I could really see the difference.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Looney

Black Diamond finish—subtle, but unique.

In addition to being a few shades darker, the Black Diamond finish is more glossy than shiny, and more reflective than stainless. I also feels smoother to the touch than what we're used to. If you’re looking for something to set you apart from the neighbors, the Black Diamond hue is certainly a unique color option, but your neighbors may not notice anything new at first glance. Plus, unless you're planning on replacing all of your appliances with Black Diamond versions, they won't match.

While Black Diamond may just be a tone or two away from regular stainless, it does offer some unique properties that may make it worth the additional cost. The nanoceramic coating makes the surfaces slightly more fingerprint resistant. When we tried to leave fingerprints on the fridges and microwaves, simply pressing our fingers against the surface failed to leave a mark. We had to really drag our fingertips across the appliance to leave a good, clear smudge. Ultimately, Black Diamond appliances will still smudge, but perhaps a little less than your standard stainless.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Looney

Black Diamond gives even a water dispenser a little extra aesthetic oomf.

The most impressive aspect of the nanoceramic coating was how incredibly easy it was to clean off the fingerprints we left on the Black Diamond-coated surface. All you have to do is lightly wipe the appliance down with a microfiber cloth and the smudges disappear instantly. If the smudges are concentrated in one small area, you don’t even need the cloth—you can just rub the side of your hand along the surface a few times and any trace of grease just melts away.

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Overall, the Black Diamond hue for LG kitchen appliances is a slight upgrade from stainless steel on the practical front, but ultimately it comes down to a style choice. We're not convinced that Black Diamond will suit every kitchen or style. A sleek, modern kitchen might look great with the darker tones, but a kitchen that aims for a sunnier, brighter style may prefer to stick to plain old stainless. Still, if you’ve got the kitchen to suit them and you want something a little unusual, Black Diamond just might be the hue for you.

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