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A sizable 2.1-cubic-foot capacity means there's room to fit plenty of food, and a glass-covered horizontal control panel is both easy to clean and easy to reach. Our performance testing showed that this Samsung was slightly above average when it came to cooking, reheating, and defrosting, but it did have some trouble with evenness—which is why other microwaves are more highly ranked.

Design and Usability

Sleek and stylish

There is a certain predictability when it comes to microwave design. That's why we're glad that Samsung attempted something different with the ME21F707MJT. Instead of a traditional vertical control panel, Samsung has elected to orient the control panel horizontally, placed at eye level.

It's an inspired choice that seems so obvious in hindsight: The touch sensitive control panel is integrated with the microwave window and is designed to match existing Samsung ranges. Flat surfaces are easier to clean, too, and a brushed stainless steel exterior and ceramic interior are equally mess-proof.

The Samsung ME21F707MJT over-the-range microwave.

The Samsung ME21F707MJT over-the-range microwave.

The Samsung ME21F707MJT features a horizontal control panel.

The Samsung ME21F707MJT features a horizontal control panel.

In addition to superior design, the ME21F707MJT features a number of sensor and cooking presets.

While modes such as Popcorn, Potato, Reheat, Snacks, and Kids Meals are welcome, there is little here that separates this appliance from the competition. The only unique option is Eco Mode, which reduces the microwave's standby power usage.


Acceptable performance from this over-the-range

The ME21F707MJT might stand out in a showroom, but in our labs it got lost in a sea of similar microwaves. Yes, the ME21F707MJT managed to heat water fairly quickly, and managed to heat food with minimal fuss. But we did see a fair amount of unevenness in the food we prepared regardless of what setting we used. Similarly, food we defrosted got too hot on the outside and stayed frozen in the middle. If you're smitten with this Samsung's looks, be sure to stop and stir your food on occasion.

The Samsung ME21F707MJT has a sizable 2.1-cubic-foot capacity.

The Samsung ME21F707MJT has a sizable 2.1-cubic-foot capacity.

The sensor-based popcorn mode was fast, but left behind a number of uncooked kernels. Also be aware that this is a fairly loud appliance overall. It's not going to deafen you, but it won't lull your children to sleep, either.

The unit does not feature a convection cooking mode, but considering that it's designed to sit above an actual oven, we don't consider that to be a deal breaker.

The light and extractor vent.

The light and extractor vent.


It won't replace your oven

The Samsung ME21F707MJT is a safe choice for large families looking for a reasonably-priced, good-looking, over-the-range microwave. It's easy to clean and easy on the eyes, and it can be found on sale for around $399—$100 cheaper than it's MSRP.

It cooked and reheated quickly in our tests, but had some issues with evenness. Still, if you have a large family to feed and are in the market for an appliance that will compliment your oven and not replace it, you could do far worse than the Samsung ME21F707MJT.

Cooking Performance

Like most microwaves in its price range, the ME21F707MJT has a sensor that measures the amount of steam in the cavity, and adjusts cooking times and levels accordingly. (More advanced models detect the presence of certain chemicals and molecules that cooking food releases.)

To test the ME21F707MJT's sensor performance we cooked a single potato using the Potato preset function. The ME21F707MJT managed to cook the potato to 184°F, a hair's breadth from our ideal temperature of 185°F. Unfortunately, we noticed a large variance in temperature throughout the potato's interior. The only thing worse than eating a mouthful of cold potato is burning the roof of your mouth on a hot potato, which is why we docked points here.

We also tested the microwave's preset Popcorn setting. The oven took 2:30 minutes to cook the popcorn, and while none of the kernels were burnt, 40 percent of kernels remained unpopped. That's a lot of wasted popcorn.

Sound and Features

Unlike your standard oven, microwave ovens generate a fair amount of noise when in use, and the ME21F707MJT is no exception. When cooking food the ME21F707MJT output 50.3 dB of sound, while the extractor fan generated 63.1 dB of sound. That's a little louder than the quietest models we've tested.

Heating and Defrosting

The ME21F707MJT managed to heat a cup of water with little fuss. The microwave took 3 minutes to take our mug of water from 68°F to 202°F. That's on the fast side of average as far as microwaves go.

A common complaint regarding microwaves is that sections of food emerge blisteringly hot while others remain cold. Sadly, the ME21F707MJT did little to challenge the stereotype. We measured wide temperature variances throughout the test meal, so be sure to stir your food occasionally while cooking.

The defrosting performance was similarly disappointing. We defrosted a pound of food and after a 9 minute defrost cycle we measured a great deal of unevenness, with edges of the food emerging almost completely cooked, while the center remained cold. Other microwaves fully defrost food in less time.

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