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Electrolux EI30ES55JS 30-Inch Electric Slide-In Range

Modern luxury and impressive performance from the Electrolux EI30ES55JS


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The stainless steel Electrolux EI30ES55JS (MSRP $2,649) 30-inch electric built-in range offers a pleasant mix of good performance and modern luxuries. While the price may be intimidating, the 4.2 cubic foot EI30ES55JS, with its transitional design and multitude of options, has a lot going for it—provided you have the space and cabinetry to match

Design & Usability

Transitional design and luxurious convenience.

The EI30ES55JS features most of the frills one expects from Electrolux, a company who seems determined to make appliances as convenient and feature-laden as possible. To that end, this oven has a Luxury-Glide oven rack—which slides out effortlessly—and the Luxury-Design lighting gently ramps up as you open the oven door, giving your eyes time to adjust. The striking cool cobalt blue interior is all very well, but an attractive finish is wasted if your oven is a mess of racks and heating elements. To that end, as is common practice with contemporary ranges, Electrolux has hidden the lower bake element.

Unlike most built-in ranges, the EI30ES55JS's control panel is completely horizontal and juts out over the oven cavity. While the visual effect is striking, those with small kitchens may find the wedge shaped protrusion to be more trouble than it's worth. The range also makes use of Electrolux's IQ-Touch control panel. However, before you get too excited, IQ-Touch is more a case of clever marketing than clever design. Turns out, the distinguishing feature of the IQ-Touch panel is that it shows all options, all the time, just like any other control panel. And those options are many, including options such as Dehydrate, Bread Proof, and Slow Cook to name a few. The responsive and precise rangetop controls offer an excellent compromise to those who miss the physical knobs found in gas appliances.


Electrolux takes it to a higher level.

All the control in the world is nothing without performance, and fortunately the EI30ES55JS's rangetop delivers in spades. The burners, while not quite induction level, performed extremely well. We recorded a four minute boiling time for six cups of water from the front left burner. By comparison, an induction burner—the fastest method of boiling—takes between two and three minutes to boil the same amount of water.

Burners 2.jpg

The Burners aced our boiling and simmer tests

If the rapid boil speeds aren't enough, the EI30ES55JS also offers a wide range of temperatures. We recorded temperatures from 89ºF all the way up to 780ºF. In addition to the excellent performance, the rangetop also allows for a multitude of pot sizes. The front left, front right, and rear right burners allow users to switch between five- and 12-inch elements.

Oven, Broiler, & Convection

It may not match the rangetop, but this oven is far from half-baked.

Oven Detail.jpg

Notice the lack of visible lower element?

While the EI30ES55JS's oven didn't quiet achieve the heights set by the rangetop, it had more than its fair share of assets. Both the broiler and preheat proved above average: the broiler was particularly fast, taking a swift six minutes to reach 604ºF. The preheat almost kept up with an average time of 10 minutes. The oven has a quick preheat option, which reduces preheat time by 25 percent, according to Electrolux. (In order to ensure we are testing all products on a level playing field we only test the default settings.)

Overall the the oven's accuracy and precision proved less impressive. Although the Keep Warm setting was spot on in both areas, neither the 350ºF or the Convection settings offered equivalent results, although the convection setting got pretty close. Finally, our cook tests indicated that the lower element was a bit too hot, resulting in burnt cookie and cake bottoms. Furthermore, the same cook tests indicated a few cold spots in the front corners of the oven. However, based on the uniformly- cooked cakes that emerged from our tests, it appears that as long as you keep your food in the center of the oven, cooking with the the EI30ES55JS should be a piece of… do we have to say it?



The Electrolux EI30ES55JS.

A well-built slide-in.

Generally speaking, we're pleased with the EI30ES55JS's test results. The rangetop was among the best electric models we've seen outside of induction. While the oven's accuracy and precision left a bit to be desired, food tests showed a good overall temperature consistency in the center of the oven cavity.

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While the EI30ES55JS is impressive, there is no denying that $2,649.00 is a high price to pay. So if all you crave is pure unadulterated performance you could probably find a better performing range for less. But if you're looking for style, ease of use and preset cooking modes, the EI30ES55JS is a good choice for a modern kitchen.

From the Lab

While the Electrolux EI30ES55JS isn't the most impressive range we have ever tested, it still proved itself a pretty ample performer. Read on for a full breakdown of the ranges' test results.

Oven & Broiler Performance

The Keep Warm setting offered the best mix of accuracy and precision with an average temperature of 174ºF, only 4 degrees above the target temperature of 170ºF. The 350ºF was equally precise but less accurate, with an average temperature of 366ºF and swung between 353ºF and 374ºF. Finally the Convection setting offered excellent accuracy but only average precision with an average temperature of 348ºF.

Unfortunately, our cook tests revealed a few performance deficiencies. The cookies placed in the front of the oven were lighter than the rear cookies, indicating cold spots near the oven door. Furthermore, the bottoms of the cookies and cakes were overdone, suggesting too much heat from the lower element. Fortunately, the tops of our cakes were almost perfectly uniform, indicating excellent temperature consistency in the center of the oven cavity.

The broiler was excellent, and took only 6 minutes to reach 604ºF. Meanwhile the preheat was above average: We recorded a 12 minute preheat to 350ºF with a speedy 9 minutes when we turned on the convection setting.

Rangetop Performance

The EI30ES55JS's rangetop blew away the competition in our tests. The front left boiler took only 4 minutes to boil six cups of water. The remaining burners were equally impressive, taking between 5 and 10 minutes to boil the same amount of water. The EI30ES55JS also offered a wide range of temperatures. We recorded a low of 87ºF from the front left burner and a high of 830ºF from the front right.

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