New JVC 'Phones Bring the Nightclub to You

Now you can take the "OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ" with you.


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At CES 2015 this morning, JVC announced a brand-new headphone line alongside an important update to its existing Xtreme Xplosives series.

The Xtreme Xplosives series will get four new models, which include around-ear, on-ear, and in-ear designs. The around-ear HA-MR60X and the on-ear HA-SR50X feature large driver units for powerful bass. Both models come with in-line controllers and a microphone, compatible with Apple, Android, and BlackBerry devices. The single-button remote has the standard music and phone call control.

Credit: JVC/Kenwood

The new in-ears for the Xtreme Xplosives series come in plenty of colors to choose from.

If you need something a bit more portable, the in-ear HA-FR202/HA-FX102 headphones are also designed to deliver the deep bass the Xtreme Xposives series is known for. The HA-FR202 comes with a single-button in-line remote just like the around- and on-ears.

The in-ears each come with three sizes of silicone sleeves to provide a comfortable fit with plenty of isolation, and they'll be available in blue, black, red, pink, and violet.

The JVC XX Elation series is designed for fans of nightclub sound systems.

JVC is also releasing a brand-new headphone line that’s designed for fans of nightclub sound systems. The JVC XX Elation series will consist of three models: the on-ear wireless HA-SBT200X, the on-ear SR100X, and the in-ear HA-FR100X. Each will come with a controller and mic built into the headphone housing.

The wireless HA-SBT200X (MSRP $149.95, available only in black) connects with compatible Bluetooth devices using one-touch NFC tech, and offers battery life of roughly 10 hours. It comes with a Hyper Bass Sound circuit that can boost bass to even more eardrum-destroying levels, as well as a detachable 3.9-foot cord.

The HA-SR100X (MSRP $99.95) is nearly identical, minus the wireless capability. It’s available in black, silver, and a limited-edition violet version that costs an extra $30.

In-ear fans will opt for the HA-FR100X (MSRP $59.95), available in black, silver, and violet. It comes with small, medium, and large silicone earpieces and a carrying pouch. Everything will be available starting in March 2015.

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