Throwable Camera Captures Stable Video and Images, Looks Like a Pokéball

Prototype uses an array of cameras and orientation sensors to find the best photos.


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Here’s something current adventure cams can’t compete with: a throwable camera. Boston-based inventor Steve Hollinger has developed and patented a plastic sphere with several built-in cameras.

The cameras create a panorama that, coupled with image recognition, allows for stable video and an exposure that compiles several different images into one seemingly impossible shot. According to the patent, the throwable camera—called Squito—uses position and orientation sensors that can differentiate between a spiraling or spinning aperture, and the subject of an image.

“Throwable camera innovations are accelerating with advancements in sensor and imaging microelectronics,” Hollinger said in a [statement]( “And with the advent of low-cost, high-speed cameras for outdoor recreation, an affordable throwable camera is finally within reach."
"An affordable throwable camera is finally within reach."

If at first this seems gimmicky, think again. Hollinger describes a number of different applications for the technology. Sports and landscape photography quickly come to mind, but such a device might also be used for architecture, search-and-rescue operations, first-responder scene assessment, and 3D mapping.

Check out the video for a better idea. And no, a Pokemon does not leap out of this thing after you throw it. Bummer, I know.