Sunbrite SB4660HD

$2,795.00 MSRP
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46 in.
3.3 score
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The Sunbrite SB4660HD (MSRP $2,795–$2,995 depending on color) is a very bizarre TV. It's weather-resistant, airtight, waterproof, and—you guessed it—meant for the outdoors. This unique display is definitely a niche product, and a 46-inch TV for almost $3,000 is pretty steep pricing, so the question is: Is it worth it?

That really depends on how badly you need to watch TV outside.


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  • Grayscale error
  • Viewing angle
  • Rgb balance
  • Color gamut
  • Contrast rartio
  • Prepostcalibration
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Series Name Outdoor TV Signature Series
General Type LCD
Screen Size 46 in.
Format 1080p
Height (with stand) 42 in.

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