LG CordZero A907GMS Ultimate Cordless Vacuum Review

Here's a Dyson competitor that can charge anywhere

The LG CordZero A9 Ultimate is a match for the Dyson V11 Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

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What do you get when a company best known for making fantastic front-load washers decides to make a cordless vacuum? The answer is the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate. While not the first cordless vacuum LG has produced, the A9 Ultimate certainly marks a change in direction. In fact, this revamped design has enough going for it that it easily rivals Dyson’s V10 or V11.

After spending a week with the A9 in our labs, we think it’s perfect for anyone who wants a high-end vacuum that has a no-drill charging dock, excellent dirt pickup, the piece of mind of an easily replaceable battery.

About this cordless vacuum

LG CordZero A9 Ultimate Batteries
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The A9 comes with two rechargeable batteries.

Battery: 2 lithium rechargeable ion batteries

Run time: 16 minutes on high and about 80 minutes on low between both batteries

Attachments: Extension Wand, Power Carpet Nozzle, Crevice Tool, 2-in-1 Brush Tool, Power Floor Nozzle, Power Punch Nozzle

Dust Bin Capacity: 13.5 ounces

LG CordZero A9 Ultimate Washable Filter
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The A9 has a washable filter.

Washable filters: This unit has three washable filters to ensure clean air is pushed through.

Warranty: 10-year warranty on the motor and one-year warranty on the whole unit.

What we like

LG Cordzero A9 Ultimate Attachments
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The A9 comes with a hardwood floor cleaner, upholstery/mattress cleaner, telescopic wand, carpet cleaner, crevice tool, and dusting tool.

Powerful suction: When we tested the A9 in our vacuum labs, it picked up 72.5% of the dirt we left out for it. That’s in comparison to the 95% that the Dyson V11 picked up and 42% from the Shark SV1106.

Does well on carpet and hardwood floors: The A9 Ultimate comes with a Power Floor Nozzle. It’s a super-soft brush roller that can suction up dust without the risk of scratching your floors. For carpet, the A9 comes with the Power Carpet Nozzle, which has wide bristles so it won’t get clogged by even the biggest of dust bunnies.

Long reach: With the telescopic wand fully engaged and the crevice tool on, the A9 has a 45-inch reach from handle to tip.

Removable, rechargeable, replaceable batteries: While built-in batteries are often more powerful and are easier to charge, there’s a peace of mind that comes with removable batteries. Batteries are often a point of failure on cordless vacuums since they have a limited number of recharges before they wear out. Also, having removable batteries allow you to increase the runtime buy purchasing more units.

LG CordZero A9 Ultimate Dock
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The dock can stand up on its own, allowing you to charge the A9 where ever there is an outlet.

No-drill dock: One major issue we have with Dyson is that the charging dock needs to be drilled into the wall. It can be a huge hassle. The LG dock can be drilled into the wall, but also it can be setup as a stand in the middle of the room.

What we don’t like

Price to performance: In terms of cost, the LG A9 Ultimate ranks in the top 1% of vacuums. However, in terms of dirt pickup, the A9 is outdone by the Dyson V6—a cheaper model. We should point out that the LG A9 has a better battery life, more attachments, and is easier to store.

Test results at a glance

LG CordZero A9 Ultimate Controls
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

Instead of a trigger, the A9 has an on button.

Weight: 5.9 lbs with heaviest attachments

Battery life: 8 minutes per battery on the highest setting

Dirt pick up: 72.5% of all dirt per run

Storage and assembly: Very easy

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What are users saying?

At the time of publication, there are few user reviews for this brand new vacuum. However, early reports are overwhelmingly positive with 58 reviews averaging 4.8 stars of out 5 on LG’s site.

Should you buy this?

For a while, the high-end cordless vacuum market was Dyson and Dyson imitators. LG has broken away from the pack. The A9 Ultimate has a removable battery, a telescopic wand, and a dock that can go anywhere.

What the A9 lacks in power, it makes up for in ease of use. If you ever wanted Dyson-like performance, but were uncomfortable drilling holes in your wall for the convenient charging dock, the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate is the answer.

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