• Scatterbrained comedians and rappers do not technophiles make.

Celebrity Spottings at CES (video)

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Scatterbrained comedians and rappers do not technophiles make.

CES is more or less a zoo, but 32K tele-tablets are hardly the main attraction. We’re talking about hired, often B-list celebrities propped up for all the sweaty, swag-laden attendees to gawk at. Or maybe CES is an asylum, with all the crazy camera-hogs running around. Yeah, that metaphor works a little better.

Do companies believe hiring celebrities helps move product? 50 Cent seemed bored out of his diamond-encrusted skull, even though he was representing his own company. Gallagher’s "fresh" Windows 98 jokes fell on deaf ears. Danny DeVito was spotted trying to catch a meal under the freeway by the convention center. Don’t even get us started on Carrot Top’s appearance at the Gibson tent. The world thought he could be contained in the Luxor ...but they were wrong.

Other than Rev. Run spinning some tunes at Digital Experience, as well as an astounding appearance by Eric Corbin, the literal World Pizza Champion, CES was just another disappointing parade of washed-up celebrities.

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James is a staff writer at Reviewed, working to the sounds of classic video game soundtracks. His proudest moment was capturing exclusive footage of Mr. 50 Cent at the 2013 International CES.