March Madness 2018: How to make your living room feel like a sports bar

Here's how to set up your TVs, laptops and streaming devices to make your living room look like a sports bar for March Madness.


7 stylish laptops that aren’t a Macbook

For those of us with Apple aspirations but without an Apple budget, there are plenty other stylish laptops to choose from.

Lg e7 oled tv 1024

This incredible OLED TV is back down to its lowest price

Massdrop is selling the 65-inch LG E7 OLED Smart 4K TV at one of its lowest prices.


13 apps that will help you relax—even when you’re stressed out

These apps are guaranteed to inspire instant chill, no matter how frazzled you are.

Messy wires behind tv hero

3 ways to easily organize the awful mess behind your TV

A living room is no place for a sloppy nest of wires.


March Madness is coming—here's what you need to binge watch the games

Here are 15 things including TVs, electronics, clothes and accessories to maximize your college basketball intake on the weekend.

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The Best Portable Photo Printers of 2018

A roundup of our favorite portable photo printers.

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The Best Wireless Mice of 2018

We picked the best wireless mouse on the market.


The Best Chromebooks of 2018

These are the best Chromebooks of 2018.

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The Best Rugged iPhone Cases of 2018

These heavy duty iPhone cases aren't messing around.

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The Best Computer Monitors Under $200 of 2018

These are the best computer monitors for less than $200.

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The Best Paper Shredders of 2018

Take your identity security into your own hands with our top-rated shredders

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