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The best OLED TV ever is at its lowest price right now

We've never seen such a good deal on such an incredible OLED smart 4K TV.

Smart home trends 2018

4 smart home trends to watch in 2018

The world of smart home is getting bigger and better, with more voice assistants, fun gesture remotes, smart tech in surprising places, and a better approach to home security.


This awesome Amazon deal will help you survive tax season

This TurboTax sale will help you get your taxes over with now, save more money, and don't think about it again until next year.

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The 5 best new TVs you'll want to buy in 2018

Here are the best TVs coming this year, as seen at CES 2018.


Is a meat tenderizer worth your money?

Which works better: kitchen hack or meat tenderizer?


Is a garlic press worth your money?

Will a garlic press make your life easier or more miserable?


Is a salad spinner REALLY worth your money?

Why settle for soggy lettuce when you can spin your way to longer lasting greens?


This cult-favorite toaster oven is also an air fryer—but is it worth $400?

The Breville Smart Oven Air can do almost anything—as long as you've got room on your counter.

Sennheiser hd 820

6 of the best headphones everyone will be buying in 2018

Need new headphones? These are the new models we're most excited about.


This 'fun utility vehicle' puts a new spin on electric vehicles

As fun to drive as it is to look at, the Arcimoto electric vehicle is making a big splash on the EV scene, and soon it'll be on streets across the U.S.


These are the 6 best laptops coming in 2018

Whether it's a razer-thin chassis or a magnetic levitation keyboard, laptop manufacturers totally killed it at CES this year.

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The Best Compact Washers of 2018

These pint-sized washers punch above their weight class.


The Best Vegetable Peelers of 2018

Don’t get frustrated with a dull peeler – upgrade to a super sharp one

Hero snapseed

The Best Colanders of 2018

Not all colanders are created equally. Let us show you why.

Best wifi wireless router hero image d link asus

The Best Wi-Fi Routers of 2018

Hate slow WiFi? We tested the best routers to fix your wireless woes.

M65 c1 hero

Best Vizio TVs of 2018

Our picks for the five best Vizio TVs available today.

Hdr tvs tbrn hero

The Best HDR TVs of 2018

These are the best HDR TVs we've tested.

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