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Avegant Glyph

Avegant's Glyph beams content directly to your retina. Hand them your money via Kickstarter later this month.

Start-up Avegant bills its Glyph as a virtual retina display designed to work with all of your content, right out of the box. Yeah, that sentence raised all sorts of "vaporware" alarm bells in our heads, too. Then we tried it and, well, it's simply the best head-mounted display we found at CES 2014 this side of the Oculus Rift.

Unlike the underwhelming Sony VR headset, the Glyph doesn't just put a screen two inches from your face. Instead, it makes use of a couple million tiny mirrors—similar to the technology found in DLP projectors—to project a 720p image straight onto your retina. The result is a stereoscopic 3D display that has almost zero crosstalk and no noticeable pixelation, providing a smooth, strain-free experience. Oh, and it includes a pretty nice set of on-ear headphones as well.

Kickstarting later this month, the first units of the Glyph will likely be had for a pledge of just $500. With Sony's headset retailing for twice that—no headphones included—the Avegant should have little trouble finding a market for its spectacular device.

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