3 simple things you can do to speed up an old laptop

Is your laptop starting to slow down, take forever to load, or take an extra long time to boot up? Here are some simple ways to speed it back up.

Water-resistant vs. waterproof headphones: what's the difference?

Can your headphones survive a workout, get splashed, or take a dunk in the pool?

The 12 best pieces from Walmart’s new affordable furniture collection

Walmart's amazing new collection of affordable furniture called MoDRN lets you upgrade your home decor for less.

People are obsessing over Allbirds sneakers—are they worth it?

Why the $95 shoes are selling like hotcakes. Allbirds review: Allbirds shoes are insanely popular wool sneakers—so we tested them to see if they're worth it, how to clean Allbi...

We tried the egg cooker with a cult-following on Amazon—is it worth it?

We tested the Dash rapid egg cooker to see if it could produce hard-boiled, soft-boiled and poached eggs along with omelettes for breakfast.

Here's why you should never waste your money on an expensive microwave

You can buy a microwave with tons of features, but do you really need them?

This incredible Samsung soundbar is more than half off right now

Even if you're not an audiophile, this Samsung Harman Kardon soundbar deal from Massdrop is worth checking out.

Don’t trash your old TV—do this instead

There's better things to do with an old TV than kicking it to the curb.

The 15 best skin care products for winter, according to dermatologists

These doctor-recommended picks will hydrate your thirsty skin.

These $16 leggings can survive any workout

Some of the best leggings out there are from a brand you've probably never heard of.

Sorry, you're shoveling snow all wrong

Does your back hurt after shoveling snow? Here's why—and how to fix it.

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