Home Chef vs. Sun Basket—which meal kit is best?

We put two of the best meal kits to the test.

This is the hottest living room trend of 2019

Here's how to bring it into your own home.

Your travel tumbler lid is probably full of mold—here's how to clean it

You could be drinking your coffee with a side of bacteria.

Get rid of dandelions and weeds with this one simple tool

The CobraHead garden tool removes the deep taproots of dandelions.

Studies say you aren’t getting enough downtime⁠—here’s how to change that

Self-care doesn't have to be face masks and baths. Here's how to rethink your free time.

How to clean your pillows, because they are full of dead bugs

Dust mites, dead skin, poop? Yeah, it's time to wash those things.

You’re washing your bedding all wrong

Wash sheets and pillowcases this way once a week—every two weeks max.

KitchenAid just released its first smart oven—but is it worth it?

We debate whether all of its cool features are worth the price.

It's official: People who make their beds are more productive

Here's what a new study found, plus our best bed-making hacks.

10 smart home gadgets nobody asked for

Here's a list of hilarious smart home gadgets nobody asked for.

Paella is the perfect summer crowd-pleaser—here's how to make it

Expand your summer cooking repertoire with this delicious paella recipe.

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