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You're preheating your oven wrong

Using the broiler? Shortening the bake time? Skipping the step entirely? Here's what you should (and shouldn't) be doing to preheat your oven.


Is it safe to use your oven as a closet?

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Air fryers are the next hot kitchen gadget—here's why you don't need one

Thinking about getting an air fryer? Let us tell you why you don't need one—and what you should buy instead.

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7 gorgeous kitchens with design ideas you should steal

These are the contemporary designs you'll want for your kitchen.

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The 10 most popular keto recipes on Pinterest

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I cooked a dinner consisting of salmon, couscous and asparagus in the dishwasher.


The 10 most popular summer recipes on Pinterest

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The $5 cleaning gadget you didn't know you needed

The Lil Chizler is a tiny tool that nixes grime in even the tightest corners


These are the hottest food trends for summer 2018, according to Pinterest

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