How We Test

At Reviewed, our mission is to empower consumers with information that can help them make better and more informed buying decisions. We believe that the best way to produce independent, fair, and accurate reviews is to use scientific testing procedures to examine the performance of products. Too often, technology product reviewing is mired in uninformed analysis, performance conclusions based on unstandardized testing, and bias towards the companies being reviewed. All of our reviews are produced by a staff of product experts. We follow a strict church and state separation policy between our advertising and editorial departments. We bar any contact between members of the editorial staff and the advertising staff. We also ban our editors from accepting any gifts or press junkets from the companies they cover. In addition to these ethics policies (which you can read in our ethics statement), we follow strict standardized testing methods which are outlined below.

Testing Philosophy and the Scientific Method

We strive to follow the scientific method as closely as possible in our reviewing and testing procedures. This includes gathering measurable evidence using objective and unbiased procedures which are easily repeatable and reportable for every product. Our reviews combine a variety of test procedures, which are designed to comprehensively test every aspect of the performance of products. This comprehensive testing approach means that our reviews are among the most reliable, fair, and comprehensive available.

Objective Test Scores: The Reviewed Labs

Our reviews are based on tests carried out in the Reviewed test labs, with very few exceptions. We never use any information or test results supplied by the manufacturer to produce our scores. Our reviews are written by the editors of Reviewed, who are all experienced, accomplished writers who understand the latest developments in their fields, and understand what impact these developments can have on the products being reviewed.

Subjective Test Scores: Precedent-Based Analysis

For those areas of a product that cannot be simply analyzed with a test, our expert reviewers and editors use a comparative method of analysis. Every section that is analyzed using human observation instead of scientific testing is done so by comparing that product to other products on the market. The scores that are produced in these subjective sections are precedent scores, based on the scores of previous products. This means that our testing regimen is comprehensive, covering the performance of the product, how easy it is to use and how well it will fit in with user's lifestyles. We review the entire product, not just aspects of it.

Fair and Equal Treatment of All Products

All of this testing is for one aim: to provide you with accurate, scientifically valid information about how well a product performs the tasks for which it is designed, regardless of the cost. We do consider the cost of a product in our final conclusions, but it doesn't enter into our testing process: a $100 printer or vacuum goes through the same set of tests as a $600 one.