Smart Home

The Best Smart Switches and Dimmers for Apple HomeKit of 2019

Here are the top smart switches and dimmers that work with Apple HomeKit.

The Best Video Baby Monitors of 2019

Looking for a smart camera or a traditional baby monitor? We've got you covered.

The Best Smart In-Wall Dimmer Switches of 2019

These dimmers are perfect for Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.

The Best Smart In-Wall Switches of 2019

These switches will make any light or appliance smart

The Best Smart Indoor Security Cameras of 2019

Our picks for the best smart indoor security cameras available today.

The Best Smart Thermostats of 2019

Want to cool down in the summer and warm up in the winter without raising a finger? Check out our best smart thermostat rankings.

The Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers of 2019

Our favorite ways to water the garden.

The Best Smart Plugs of 2019

These plugs are your first step toward a complete smart home.

Nest vs. Ecobee: Which is the best smart thermostat?

The Nest is popular, but the Ecobee boasts features that Nest doesn't.

Apple Music vs. Spotify—Which music streaming service is right for you?

Should you sign up for Apple Music or Spotify? Here are the differences.

Your Amazon Echo works with Ring Doorbell—here’s how

Learn how to connect your Ring Doorbell with your Amazon Echo.

Nest Cam Indoor vs. Nest Cam IQ—which is best?

The Nest Cam IQ offers features that might make it worth the upgrade.

10 ways the Amazon Echo Show can make your life easier

Check out these cool features that can only be enjoyed on the Amazon Echo Show.

Are smart bulbs worth the money? 10 things you need to know

Will smart bulbs save you money? It depends. Here's everything you need to know.

How to use Google Assistant on your iPhone with Siri

Here's how to access Google Assistant with voice command on your iPhone.

16 smart home gadgets with a cult following that are actually good

These smart home devices have cult followings on Amazon—for good reason.

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