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Here's how to give your Google Assistant a new voice

Change the voice of your Google Assistant for a more natural experience. You can even pick John Legend!

If you're not using Apple Pay yet, should you start?

Leave your wallet in your pocket the next time you buy a cappuccino.

Never get rid of an old phone without doing this first

Sometimes you gotta wipe the slate clean.

Your remote is crawling with scary bacteria—here's how to clean it

There's fecal matter and harmful bacteria on your phone.

Where's my iPhone? How to find a lost phone

Don't panic—there's still time to find your lost smartphone!

Is this the next iPhone? If not, it should be

If this picture of the next iPhone isn't real, it ought to be.

All of the iPhone 9 rumors we could find—even the crazy ones

What does the next iPhone have in store for us?

Why is your smartphone so slow? 5 common problems and how to fix them

Here are 5 common causes for slow smartphone speeds.

I tried a meditation app for 30 days—here’s what happened

Meditation takes practice and patience, and it can be even easier to master with the support of an app. I used the popular app Insight Timer for 30 days to see if it'd help.

5 ways to improve your phone's battery life

Reining in your phone's battery life is easier than you think.

I tried 6 popular running apps—and this is the best one

I tested popular running apps like Runkeeper, Map My Run, and Nike+ Run Club to find the best.

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