The Best Blenders of 2019

All the best blenders, in one place.

The Best Pizza Cutters of 2019

Our picks for the best pizza cutters available today.

The Best Pizza Stones of 2019

Our picks for the best pizza stones available today.

The Best Rolling Pins of 2019

Home bakers, this is for you.

The Best Single-Serve Pod Coffee Makers of 2019

These are the best single serve coffee pod brewers available.

The Best Vacuum Sealers of 2019

This kitchen tool will extend the shelf life of your favorite foods.

The Best Loaf Pans of 2019

Want perfect banana bread or meatloaf? Find the right pan.

The Best Water Filter Pitchers of 2019

We tested popular water filter pitchers to see which one was the best.

Hot design trends in refrigeration

Refrigerators come in lots of styles and finishes. Choose wisely!

Here’s the secret to perfect air fryer french fries

Everything you need to know about how to make fries in an air fryer.

Zeolite is a magic mineral that dries dishes—here's how

Zeolite is coming to more and more dishwashers—here's how it works.

10 bizarre things on Amazon with unusually high ratings

These products may be bizarre, but that doesn't stop them from being best-sellers on Amazon.

How upgrading your refrigerator can save you money

Upgrading to a new refrigerator will save you money on energy over time.

These are the most popular sandwiches in the U.S., according to a report

Plus, how to make the number one sandwich.

Your coffee maker is probably full of mold—here's how to clean it

Read this before you brew your pot tomorrow morning.

Instant Pot just released their first air fryer—is it worth it?

Our review of Instant Pot's foray into air fryers.

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