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10 things you should never put in a microwave

These items can pose a very real safety hazard in your microwave

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This trick can revive stale bread in 5 minutes flat

The proven scientific method only takes 5 minutes.

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These 7 home design trends will be everywhere in 2019

These home design trends are big for 2019.


I meal prepped for two weeks—here's what happened

Instead of cooking nightly and packing a lunch in the morning, I tried meal prepping for two weeks.

My coffee habit hero

I finally stopped spending all my money at Starbucks—here's how

After years of spending way too much on generic swill from a corporate coffee overlord, I finally kicked the habit with the help of a great coffee maker, a good grinder, the tra...

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7 ways induction cooktops actually save you time

Just how fast can you cook with induction? There are numerous ways induction cooking saves you time.

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