Buy Mom an Apple Watch for $200—the lowest price ever

The Apple Watch is $70 off at Target. Wow Mom this Mother's Day without breaking the bank.

I wore a device that claims to get rid of period pain—and this is what happened

This wearable device zapped my menstrual pain away.

9 items that prove “smart fashion” is the future

These fashion items connect to the internet—and are all made by women.

5 pregnancy and baby tech products that are actually good

BEST OF CES 2017: Tech is finally getting good at solving parenting pain points.

This wearable is like a dash cam for your face

You can take a picture in the wink of an eye.

Under Armour is selling Tom Brady's high-tech pajamas so you can sleep like a pro athlete

Under Armour's high-tech pajamas use Tom Brady and science to give you a good night's sleep.

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