• Befrugal.com is the Sunday circular of the online shopping world.

Befrugal.com: The Sunday Circular to the Online Shopper

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Befrugal.com is the Sunday circular of the online shopping world.

There is nothing worse than missing a good deal when shopping online. Not a chainsaw to the face, a summer cold, or a paper cut between the toes can equate with the rage and pain. The whole world is at your finger tips and you couldn't spend an extra five minutes to search for a lower price.

BeFrugal.com is trying to change that. This website has a vast database of promo codes, printable coupons, and weekly bargains.

The website is essentially, a massive smorgasbord of deals and the main draw is the browser add-on called the Couponomatic.

How It Works

After installing the Couponomatic, when you visit one of the 40,000+ participating websites checkout screens you'll see the add-on. This will produce a drop down menu that contains all the promo codes that company is currently offering. Apply the code and save money. Furthermore, for 3,000 of the partnered companies you can earn cash back based on a percentage of your total order.

This cash back can either be sent to you via PayPal or check. The cash back percentage is determined by the company. Befrugal.com claims that the average cash back rate is around 7%.

Finally, there is a crowd sourcing aspect of Befrugal.com. Users can submit promo codes, after they are verified Befrugal.com's database of deals grows.

What We Liked

We really liked the cash back options. It's a smart move that gives users more of an incentive over other online coupon sites. We also liked the fact that Befrugal.com makes its money off directing traffic to retailers. This gives them the incentive to you actually acquire good promo codes rather than steering you towards higher priced items. BeFrugal.com is free for small businesses to join. The service allows them to dictate the terms of the coupons.

What Can be Improved

Befrugal.com is an interesting concept. However there were several things that we didn't like or were surprised wasn't part of its service line up. For on, there's no mobile app. An app would be great for when you're on the go and you want that printable coupon, but aren't near a printer.

Second, we didn't like the fact that you couldn't search for specific item categories and have Befrugal.com present you with the best deals or items that have current deals.

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