Smart Home Tech Doesn't Have to Be Ugly

Why do some smart home accessories look like nursing home decor?

When it comes to in-home tech, we all want to get smart. After all, smart home accessories and appliances have the potential to save us both time and money. But who wants smart tech that looks like it came straight out of the 1990s?

Most of us take today’s sleek and handsome smartphones for granted. But remember what the first mobile phones looked like? They were ungainly and downright unattractive; it took years for wireless technology to downsize, and yet more time for companies like Apple to emphasize aesthetics.

So it is with smart home accessories. The nascent market's early products naturally emphasized function over form, but developers virtually ignored good design. The result? A lot of smart home devices aren’t exactly anything we’d want hanging on our wall, even if they won’t be sharing space with a Picasso.

As with wearable tech, the key to ensure broad-scale adoption of smart technology in the home is going to be style.

But the tide is turning, and manufacturers are starting to integrate sleek, modern design into next-gen products. They may not be pretty enough to frame just yet, but we’re certainly headed in the right direction.

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