A Unique Electric Longboard Rolls Into CES

The E-GO Cruiser will boost your ego.

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Want to commute to work on a skateboard, but don't want to expend a lot of energy in the process? You're in luck!

Debuting for the first time in the US at CES 2014, Yuneec (pronounced "unique") International will be showing off the E-GO Cruiser—the world's lightest electric longboard. Weighing in at just 13.9 pounds, the Cruiser's battery holds enough juice to carry a user for 18 miles.

Designed with both beginners and experienced boarders in mind, Yuneec claims that the Cruiser's specially-engineered electronic control unit manages wireless communications, battery load balancing, acceleration and braking, and optimum motor performance. At least that's what this promotional video says.

Shanghai-based Yuneec International is known for their electric recreational products, including the Firebird XL, a radio-controlled airplane. The E-GO Cruiser is their first foray into the world of personal electric transporters, and the company has plans for other models and upgrades to go along with the Cruiser.

The E-GO's main site won't be open until CES is in full swing, but you can read about the Cruiser and some of the planned models here.

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