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Get Ready to Meet the New Reviewed.com


Dear Readers,

On July 9th, we’re making some big changes. Get ready to say hello to the new, unified Reviewed.com.

After years of building up successful web properties like CamcorderInfo.com, DigitalCameraInfo.com, and many more, we’re finally consolidating everything under the Reviewed.com domain. This site consolidation move will help readers of television reviews discover our camera reviews, or our readers of refrigerator reviews discover we also review vacuums. By having all of our reviews in one place, Reviewed.com will become a centralized home for finding our great content.

We have been planning this move for over a year, building a unified design and brand new content management system in preparation. Don’t worry about old URLs or bookmarks that you use. We will be using website redirects to move all of our content from the existing websites to their new homes.

That’s not all we’ve got planned. You may have noticed big changes in our review structure in the last 12 months. They’re tighter, more relevant. We’re focusing on you, the reader, and helping you make the right decision when you buy. In the next year, expect to see better and more powerful search tools, and a cleaner overall look to the site.

Our three oldest sites, DigitalCameraInfo.com, CamcorderInfo.com, and TelevisionInfo.com will not be moving immediately.

Here’s the list of sites and their new homes:

VideoProjectorInfo.com to projectors.reviewed.com
HeadphoneInfo.com to headphones.reviewed.com
PrinterInfo.com to printers.reviewed.com
TabletReaderInfo.com tablets.reviewed.com
RefrigeratorInfo.com refrigerators.reviewed.com
WasherDryerinfo.com laundry.reviewed.com
VacuumCleanerInfo.com to vacuums.reviewed.com
DishwashersInfo.com dishwashers.reviewed.com
CoffeeBrewerInfo.com coffee.reviewed.com
EspressoMakerInfo.com to espresso.reviewed.com
ComputerMonitorInfo.com monitors.reviewed.com
OvenInfo.com to ovens.reviewed.com
VideoGameInfo.com to games.reviewed.com
GrillsInfo.com to grills.reviewed.com

Our sites that already exist on Reviewed.com sub-domains of laptops.reviewed.com and cars.reviewed.com will be unaffected.

We appreciate you and want to do right by you, so stick around and see what we’re working on.


Robin Liss
President & CEO

David Kender
Senior VP, Editorial

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