The Best Juicers of 2017

By Erin Fife

It’s a complex business deciding which juicer’s right for your countertop. Centrifugal? Masticating? We just want juice, not engineering degrees. is here to help. The home juicing market is booming, with no less than 15 major manufacturers of countertop juicing machines. We spent weeks testing 13 different models, half of them centrifugal (louder, but faster) and half masticating (slower, but quieter and with better juice yield), from $40 to $500. We paid attention to how each juicer handled both fruits and leafy greens, and we also kept track of noise, unwanted foam, temperature, pulp, ease of cleaning, and of course the taste of the juice itself. We cross referenced our findings with customer reviews and ratings, as well as the ratings of our competitors, to make sure our picks are the most sensible for your home.

These are the best juicers on the market right now and while our favorite Omega J8006 juicer (available at Amazon for $286.99) is a little pricy, you’ll be happy to know, you won’t have to squeeze out your budget to own some of our favorites

Updated July 17, 2017

Winner best overall
Credit: / Kyle Looney
Omega juice
  • Editors' Choice

Omega J8006

Best Overall

The Omega J8006 is a horizontal auger masticating juicer, meaning the element that presses out juice does its work slowly, and the whole thing is oriented horizontally rather than vertically. It's also the best overall juicer we tested. Yield was consistently high, with a nice balance of pulp that gave the juice body without affecting taste. In a blind taste test, the J8006 beat the Omega VSJ843 and the Breville Juice Fountain Duo, and—best of all—the J8006 is one of the easiest juicers to disassemble and clean.

And you’ll need to clean your juicer immediately after using it. Well... drink your juice first, then clean. Otherwise fruit and vegetable pieces will dry and stick to the machine.

The Omega J8006 isn’t perfect. It has one of the smallest feed tubes—where you insert the produce to be juiced—so you’ll have to cut large fruit down to size. And although the powerful motor does a great job tearing up tough vegetables, it can take some effort to push the produce down through the tube to the auger. "Slow" masticating juicers like this one specialize in leafy greens, but they aren't wise choices if you want to juice soft fruits exclusively—centrifugal models are perfectly adequate for that.

Ultimately we found the quality of juice worth the effort and, at prices under $300, found the J8006 well worth the money, too.


Breville BJE820XL

The Breville BJE820XL is a close runner-up to the Omega J8006. It’s a beautiful centrifugal juicer, with a large feed tube that can fit a whole grapefruit. The juice container—where your fresh juice comes out—fits snugly up under the spout so there aren’t any spills. It's is also very easy to use, relatively easy to clean, and produces smooth juice. If you plan to juice a lot of citrus fruit, this is the one for you.

The Breville is also large, heavy, and at top speed one of the loudest juicers we tested. We never came close to filling up either the pulp container or the juice container, so if you’re juicing for a single person or couple, this may feel like an unfair tradeoff of counter space. Juicing for parties or large families, however, would make more sense.

Vsj843qs omega juicer

Omega VSJ843

The Omega VSJ843 is a vertical auger masticating juicer, and while most juicers of this type offer similar designs and performance, the VSJ843 stood out for its quiet operation, easy assembly and cleaning, sturdy base, and juicing that splits the difference between the Omega J8006 and the Breville BJE820XL: great flavor and yield, with less pulp.

With this and all vertical auger juicers, be aware that pulp often gets stuck between the auger and the juice screen that filters pulp out of your juice. So when you remove the auger you'll inevitably end up with pulp all over your hands. Or countertop. Or both. A sink garbage disposal unit can be very handy when working with a masticating juicer, but centrifugal juicers do a much better job keeping the pulp primarily the pulp container.

Budget 1 best value
Credit: / Kyle Looney
Black decker je2200b

Black and Decker JE2200B

Best Value

We prefer the aesthetics of Black and Decker’s newer model juicer, the JE2400BD. Yet the older JE2200B consistently produced the same amount of juice as the 2400, but with less pulp and better flavor, and it was just as easy to use. If you want to experiment with just a bit of juicing, preferably without investing a car payment’s worth of cash up front, this is a great introductory model.

Kuvings silent juicer 950sc

Kuvings 950SC

The Kuvings 950SC is the easiest vertical auger masticating juicer to assemble. Red dots on all the pieces guide alignment, and everything snaps together quickly. Screens are the hardest elements of any juicer to clean, and most models ship with a toothbush-like cleaning tool. Kuvings has figured out a better solution: a cylindrical plastic housing with brushes on the inside. Pop the juicing screen in, spin it around a few times, and you have a clean juice screen. Why haven’t other manufacturers done this?

The biggest problem with the 950SC is the design of the auger and feed chute. When juicing spinach, we found the spinach piled up on the top of the auger and nearly popped the top off the juice bowl. Reversing the auger did not fix the problem for us.

Hurom h aa

Hurom H-AA

The Hurom H-AA shares some similarities with the Omega VSJ843. The juice and pulp containers are almost identical, and the Hurom was one of the top performers for grapefruit and spinach. But it had a much tougher time with carrots: yielding less juice, with more pulp, and a sharp aftertaste.

The design of the Hurom is also less user-friendly than the Omega. The pulp chute has a complicated on/off/half-off switch that opens the rear plug, but it didn’t make cleaning easier. The Hurom H-AA was also harder to assemble and felt wobblier due to a smaller base.


Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor

The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor, like the Black and Decker above, is an inexpensive centrifugal juicer. It has a larger feed chute, but still requires some chopping, and it was the loudest juicer we tested.

Where the Black and Decker felt sturdy and sealed, the Hamilton Beach was just the opposite. Juice flew out of the juice chute and splattered into the receptacle, juicy pulp leaked between the top and the pulp container, and—due to the larger feed chute—tiny bits of produce escaped up the chute before we could get the plunger back on top. If you want to buy an inexpensive juicer, you’ll have a better experience with the Black and Decker.

Credit: Mike Roorda, Kyle Looney, and Jeremy stamas

Breville juicer

Breville Juice Fountain Compact BJE200XL

The term “compact” is relative, and while the Juice Fountain Compact BJE200XL is smaller than Breville’s own BJE820XL, it is by no means a small juicer.

This centrifugal model has lovely aesthetics out of the box and is painless to assemble, but more difficult to clean. Without a separate pulp container, pulp instead collects around the exterior edge of the strainer basket. While this does decrease the overall footprint of the juicer, in order to empty the pulp container, you must take the whole juicer apart. Residual juice also tends to drip out of that container on the way to the trash can.


Coway Juicepresso

The Coway Juicepresso is a vertical auger masticating juicer with a design that stands out from other vertical masticating juicers. It was the only masticating juicer we tested that combined the auger and juice screen into one piece, making it simple to assemble and very easy to clean.

Unfortunately, the Juicepresso failed our spinach test. As with the Kuvings 950SC, spinach got caught on top of the auger, and reversing it caused enough upward pressure to pop off the top of the juicer. Once we processed all the spinach, the resulting juice was all foam and stringy pulp, unpleasant to drink. Yield from carrots was the lowest of all juicers tested.


Black and Decker JE2400BD

The Black and Decker JE2400BD is an updated version of JE2200BD. Its design is more compact, with a better on/off switch and a pulp container that locks in. The feed tube remains curved and small, so prep is still required before juicing. This is the smallest juicer we tested, intended for one or two people.

The biggest disadvantage of this juicer is the amount of leftover pulp in your drink. Compared to the older Black and Decker model, the residual pulp is noticeable and makes for a worse drinking experience.

Slowstar juice

Tribest Slowstar

The Tribest Slowstar, another vertical auger masticating juicer, yielded some of the most spinach juice, but landed at the bottom of the pack for carrots.

This model’s design issues include the pulp chute plug, which was hard to pop off and put back on, and we found that pulp chute itself narrower than most, which made cleaning the pulp out of the chute more of a chore. Additionally, the handles on the pulp and juice containers felt thin and fragile, not sturdy.


Cuisinart CJE-1000

The Cuisinart CJE-1000 has a nice aesthetic, it’s easy to put together, and requires very little prep thanks to the 3-inch feed chute. This centrifugal juicer hung with the middle of the pack for most of our testing, but fell flat on design.

The top of the juicer is connected with a hinge on the back. You can remove the entire thing to clean it, but you’ll have to tilt the top way back before it pops out of the hinge. There’s never any reason to open the top partially, without removing it completely for cleaning, so the hinge itself is rather pointless.

The Cuisinart also has a nozzle that’s meant to control the flow of juice from the juicer to the juice container, but we were unable to fully close the nozzle (the most important part). In addition, when we turned the Cuisinart to the highest setting, the whole machine slid on the countertop as the motor spun up, kicking the juice container away from the machine.

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