20 coffee mugs perfect for 20 different types of people

No matter what you like, or who you're buying a gift for, there's a mug for everyone.


This is 2017's most popular Halloween costume—And you can DIY at home

ALERT: Giraffes are in for Halloween 2017


Stop sleeping on dirty old pillows—these decadent down pillows are on sale right now

Treat yourself to a more comfortable sleeping experience every night with a new set of fluffy down pillows.


The 13 best things we bought last month

When we're not testing and reviewing products, we're buying them!

Opal nugget ice hero social

We tried making Sonic's famous nugget ice at home—and this is what happened

If you've even heard of nugget ice, this machine is for you.


You're wasting your money on makeup brushes

Unless you're a makeup pro, you really only need one makeup brush

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Hero 2 tape measures

The best tape measures of 2017

The best tape measures from Stanley, Komelon, Ryobi, and Craftsman


The Best Cookie and Baking Sheets of 2017

From cooking to baking, a good baking sheet can handle anything.

1 thermador prd364gdhu traditional prov

The best 36-inch dual fuel ranges of 2017

These are top picks for any serious home chef

Cutttingboard hero

The Best Cutting Boards of 2017

Your cutting board matters: good luck using your knives without it!

Gettyimages 160329990

The best affordable countertop microwaves of 2017

Pretty much all cheap microwaves are the same—but some are better values than others


The best school backpacks of 2017

Eleven backpacks go head-to-head. Which one comes out on top?

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