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10 great refrigerators and freezers to store all your extra food

Keep all that extra food fresh

An image of an open fridge full of food alongside an image of an exterior ice-dispenser on a different fridge. Credit: Abt

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One item in your household that has likely begun to show its true colors in the midst of quarantine is your fridge. Where to put the food you buy and how to make the most of your space are increasingly fraught issues as quarantine periods extend.

You're likely in need of a large freezer to store meats and deep shelves to hold leftovers. We highly discourage hoarding food right now, but if you're noticing your fridge and freezer are a little too small for your current needs, it may be time to upgrade.

We’ve tested quite a few fridges and freezers in our labs, and if you’re considering picking up a new appliance soon, these are the ones we recommend.

1. Our favorite French door fridge

Two images side by side of the same gray fridge, one with doors closed and the other with doors open.
Credit: Samsung / Abt

A perfect bonus fridge or a great upgrade option.

We love this fridge. The Samsung RF263BEAESR was our best French door fridge overall for its great value for the price, its internal ice-maker, and its internal drawer with three settings. Its sleek look is perfect for a modern kitchen. Plus, it comes with three temperature-controlled drawers you can adjust for whatever items you've stocked up on.

Check out our full review for more details.

Get the Samsung Stainless Steel 26 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Filtered Ice Maker - RF260BEAESR from Abt for $1,599

2. Another favorite with a few upgrades

Two images of the same silver Frigidaire fridge, one with doors open and items and the other closed.
Credit: Frigidaire / Abt

She’s fancy.

This fridge model is a little bigger, a little sleeker, and a little more refined. This was the best refrigerator we reviewed in 2020, and we love this model for its abundance of storage space and options (i.e. a customizable space that can be used for more fridge space OR more freezer space), its “snack zone” (do we really need to explain our devotion to this idea?), and its elegant design. If price and space aren’t huge concerns and you’re mostly looking to maximize on storage and give your fridge a bit of an upgrade, this is a great model for you.

Get the Frigidaire Gallery 21.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator - FG4H2272UF from Abt for $2,499

3. A French door fridge that’s small enough for your space

Three images of the same fridge, one of just the bottom drawer, the other of a forward facing angle and the other seen from the side.
Credit: Haier / Abt

Slender, sleek, and chic.

This is a great option for anyone who likes the look of a French door fridge but lacks the space for traditional models. This Haier fridge model is distinctly European-looking and has a good amount of space. It boasts consistent fridge temperatures and is available at a great price, making it a good option for anyone looking to add another fridge to their space without breaking the budget.

Get the Haier Stainless Steel French-Door Refrigerator - HRF15N3AGS from Abt for $1,098.90

4. An affordable two-door option with excellent temperature regulation

Two images of the same black fridge, one with doors shut and the other with doors open and food inside.
Credit: Whirlpool / Abt

This is some good garage fridge material.

Whenever I picture a secondary garage fridge, this is the image in my brain. This is a classic-looking storage option at a great price. The Whirlpool WRT318FZDB has very little temperature fluctuation in the main compartment and boasts consistency, which is really all you can ask of the products that will get you through a long quarantine.

It should be noted that the crisper in this fridge did not hold up to standards when tested, so if you’re using this model for storage keep in mind that greens and other produce might not last too long in here—on the bright side, you’ll have plenty of space for wine and beer.

Get the Whirlpool Black Top-Freezer Refrigerator - WRT318FZDBK from Abt for $628.20

5. A two-door fridge with great in-door storage

Two images of the same Samsung fridge, one with all doors open and food inside and the other with all doors closed at a side angle.
Credit: Samsung / Abt

For easy beverage access.

Times are dark, and it’s important to keep beer close at hand. The Samsung RH25H5611SR model fridge will allow you to do just that with its easy-to-reach in-door storage compartment for foods you want to get at quickly. This two-door model is great for storage (less so for produce) and had great temperature regulation in the freezer, so you’re safe to use it to stock up on frozen food. Check out our full review here.

Get the Samsung Stainless Steel Side-By-Side Refrigerator - RH25H5611SR from Abt for $1,699

6. A great model with four color options

Two images of the same fridge, one with doors closed and the other with top doors open.
Credit: GE / Abt

For whatever kitchen aesthetic you please.

This sleek, well-finished fridge is a great addition to the kitchen and offers a full-width freezer that would be great for storing all your frozen goods. We loved this refrigerator for its consistent temperatures, interior water-dispenser, and interior LED lighting. The crispers also have separate controls, making this a good fridge for produce-storage. Reviewers love the slate-finished model for its clean look. Check out our review here. Prices may vary by color.

Get the GE Slate French Door Refrigerator - GNE25JMKES from Abt for $1,709

7. A luxurious fridge for your fanciest foods

Two images of a fridge, the first in a real-life model with food inside and doors open, the second with doors closed on a white background.
Credit: GE / Abt

Even fancier.

This model is definitely on the pricier side compared to the rest of the fridges on this list, but its performance stands out and those looking for a true upgrade should take a look. The GE Café CVE28DM5NS5 boasts very consistent temperatures, an exterior ice and water dispenser, LED lighting, and a great flex drawer for all the inevitable wine you’ll be storing. One thing we particularly loved about this model was its humidity control—perfect for any produce you’re trying to hang onto and make the most of. Check out our review here

Get the GE Café CVE28DM5NS5 from Abt for $3,779

8. A fridge that’ll fit where you need it to

Three images of the same fridge, two with doors closed and the middle image with the freezer door open and food inside.
Credit: Whirlpool / Abt

Another great garage option.

This is an energy-efficient, budget-friendly option for anyone who simply needs more space to put things. The Whirlpool WRT311FZDM proved pretty reliable and affordable when we tested it, though it should be noted that you may want to turn down the thermostat in both the freezer and the main compartment to ensure things are kept properly cold. Once it was turned down, the freezer temperatures stayed stable over time, which is great for a quarantine-food-storage scenario. Check out our review here.

Get the Whirlpool Stainless Steel Top-Freezer Refrigerator - WRT311FZDM from Abt for $745

9. Another basic fridge with great value

Three images, the first of a closed white fridge, the second of the same fridge open with food inside, and the third of the fridge's temperature control gauge.
Credit: Frigidaire / Abt

Sometimes it’s good to be basic.

This classic fridge will see you through quarantine and beyond. The Frigidaire FFTR1814VW was identified by our reviewers as a “great second fridge,” and will suit your storage needs well. While its organizational options aren’t great, this fridge is big enough to store your extra food and keep it ready for your use. The white version of this product is on sale for a truly great price, so get it while supplies last.

Get the Frigidaire White Top Freezer Refrigerator - FFTR1814TW from Abt for $497.70

10. A four-door refrigerator with customizable storage space

Two images of a four-door fridge, the first with all doors open and no items, the second with the bottom left door open with food inside.
Credit: Samsung / Abt

For those looking to replace rather than double up.

While it’s a little pricier than other models listed here, this Samsung RF23J/22K series counter-depth fridge is perfect for quarantine storage because the fourth compartment can be changed into a freezer or fridge depending on your storage needs. If your current fridge needs to be upgraded and you’re looking to expand either your fridge or freezer space, this might be a great replacement option rather than investing in a new cooler or garage fridge. Our reviewers enjoyed the sleek look and bright LED lighting of this model. Check out our review here.

Get the Samsung Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - RF23J9011SR from Abt for $3,099

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