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Stabilicers Traction Cleat Review

These foot-brace-friendly cleats keep me from slipping on ice

A person puts cleats on their winter boots outside. Credit: Stabil

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  1. STABILicers Walk

As someone who relies on ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) in my day-to-day, I find shoe fit to be very important. When I recently switched to a new type of orthotics, from the Bluerocker to the WalkOn Reaction plus assist orthosis, I was happy to find that this new type of brace to be better for my posture and stability. Unfortunately, the switch has also meant that none of my boots fit me any longer. The brace loops up on the inside of my leg, the opposite of my previous braces. This is problematic when I need to walk in icy or snowy conditions and I need to wear my snow boots.

Most boots have zippers that close on the inside of the foot as well, so the design of my brace makes my boot impossible to zip closed. When we had a blizzard that delivered nearly two feet of snow, I was certain I would be hiding in my apartment for the foreseeable future until the snow melted, as I only had sneakers with minimal traction, and no wearable snow boots.

However, I had recently purchased the Stabilicers Walk Traction Cleat, which slip over your sneakers or boots and promise to keep you from slipping on ice and can cut through snow. When I was asked to cat sit for a friend, I had the perfect excuse to venture out into the winter weather and give my new cleats a try.

About Stabilicers Walk Traction Cleats

The cleats come in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Right off the bat I was concerned as my feet tend to run smaller than average. I wear a range of shoe sizes from women’s 3 to 5, sometimes even dipping into the kids' section, even though I am 28 years old. I decided to go with the small size and hope for the best. The website claims the cleats are for everyday use and will help with snow as well as icy gravel. It also says they fold for easy storage in a purse or backpack, but I would recommend a plastic bag. You wouldn’t want to stuff these in a purse after walking in snow.

The fit

Three attachable cleats in blue, black, and orange.
Credit: Stabil

Get some traction on your shoes.

I paired these with my size 5 New Balance sneakers. They were easy to slip on and felt like a snug fit so I did not foresee the cleats slipping off. According to the sizing guide, a small cleat should fit a women’s size 5 to 8. As these were a tight fit on my size 5 sneaker, I would suggest someone with a size 7 or 8 shoe to buy the medium.

What I liked

I wore these to a former professor’s apartment while I was cat sitting and I am glad I did! The day before, we had a mix of rain and ice so the walkway and road were covered. Some spots were pure ice while others were a slushy snow. I cautiously walked through and was immediately comforted by the stability of the cleats. No matter what type of surface I was walking on, ice, snow, or slush, the cleats cut through it and I felt like I was walking on solid ground. I did not slip or slide at all.

What I don't like

A person crosses their feet together in the snow wearing cleats.
Credit: Stabil

You can safely cross snow, sleet, and ice.

My only complaint is that these are very difficult to walk on indoors, particularly on hardwood and tile. While they are not designed for indoor use, one has to find a seat inside to use while putting them (or the shoes they’re attached to) on and taking them off. I needed to exercise extreme caution while walking inside as I could feel my feet slipping slightly with each step. Fortunately, the cleats are easy to put on and remove, so taking them off right inside the door may be doable for some.

Should you buy Stabilicers?


As someone who is notorious for falling on ice or in the snow, I think any extra assistance is worth a look, and these Stabilicers Walk Traction Cleats actually helped. They are easy to use and do make a difference when walking in the winter. Priced at around $20 and with more winter weather ahead, I think these are worth the buy.
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  1. STABILicers Walk

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