This free app will transform your skincare routine in 2020

The revamped Neutrogena Skin360 app offers sound advice for skincare newbies and enthusiasts alike.


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I am a self-described beauty enthusiast. I have a solid routine that consists of makeup remover, cleanser, occasionally toner, eye cream, and finally moisturizer. But even knowing exactly what types of products I like in my daily routine, and being Reviewed’s beauty expert, I still feel bogged down by the oversaturated beauty industry, and the persuasive-yet-perplexing marketing speak that surrounds every product. What, if anything, does my skin actually need?

You could walk into any Sephora and ask for guidance, but you’ll likely pay top dollar for the products recommended to you. You can also turn to the internet for drugstore recommendations—a good start, if I do say so myself—but what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you, as everyone has different skin needs and desired outcomes. Here to solve this problem in 2020 is Neutrogena’s free Skin360 app, which the skincare company relaunched at this year’s CES.

What is Neutrogena Skin360?

Using photos you take with the app, Neutrogena Skin360 track’s your skin’s progress in five key areas: wrinkles, fine lines, dark under-eye circles, dark spots, and smoothness. After you download the app and input basic information, it prompts you to take three photos of your face in order to analyze your skin. (A previous version of this app required a dongle on your phone, but this one utilizes your phone’s camera.) You then receive a score for each of the five categories, which gives you a better understanding of your skin’s current state—this is useful for marking your progress once you implement the recommended routine changes.

It’s basically like having a personal skincare consultant.

How does Neutrogena Skin360 work?

Next comes Neutrogena’s Artificial Intelligence Assistant, or NAIA, which asks you questions about your routine habits and your desired results in order to personalize your skincare routine. Unsurprisingly, NAIA suggests Neutrogena products across the brand’s lines, including Rapid Wrinkle Repair and Hydro Boost, but you may add your own products into the mix, as well. When you purchase your new products or make tweaks with the products you own—which I suggest you do one at a time, so you can determine what effects you get—you may then take follow-up photos to rate your results and make modifications, as needed. The app also allows you to set customizable reminders as often as once a day or as little as once a week. It’s basically like having a personal skincare consultant in your phone!

The Skin360 app is available now on iPhones and Androids. If you already have the app, it should have automatically updated following the new launch, and you can get rid of the dongle, as it’s no longer needed.

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