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TikTok star Addison Rae launched a beauty line—read this before you shop

I put the makeup line to the test.

On the left: The Item Beauty Lid Glaze in its silver tube and the background is swatched with five shades of the liquid eyeshadow. On the right: Addison Rae making a kissy face and applying the Lip Quip to her lips in a pink shade. Credit: Item Beauty

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Between juggling over 80 million followers on TikTok, starring in the remake of He’s All That, and modeling in campaigns for brands like Skims and American Eagle, it’s clear that Addison Rae is not your average 20-year-old. And for her latest venture, she co-founded Item Beauty, a makeup and skincare line.

In case you're unfamiliar, she rose to stardom when TikTok videos of Rae dancing went viral. Soon after, she dropped out of college at Louisiana State University and pursued a social media career. From there, she built herself into a multi-hyphenate powerhouse.

Although it seems like celebrities launch beauty brands every day, my TikTok “For You” page had me intrigued about this particular one, which recently expanded from its crazy-popular makeup into skincare products. I had to give the makeup a try to see what the fuss is all about.

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What is Item Beauty?

On the left: Addison Rae smiling hard and holding the Item Beauty Lid Glaze up to her forehead. On the right: Addison Rae wearing a cloth headband to hold her hair back and washing her face with a foam cleanser.
Credit: Item Beauty

Item Beauty offers both skincare and makeup products.

Composed of skincare, makeup, and tools, Rae’s line consists of 13 products in total. The products range from $10 for baby blending sponges to $22 for setting powder, making it closer to drugstore prices than high-end. You can also snag a $48 hoodie, but that’s out of the scope of my testing.

The line’s intended audience is Addison’s fan base, which spans pre-teens to adults, but primarily encompasses Gen-Zers. The affordable-leaning prices (at least compared to what you may find at Sephora), reflect the younger generation she’s appealing to. It's sold exclusively through, though.

Inspired by Rae’s attitude toward beauty, the line puts emphasis on self-love and not comparing yourself to others. “An 'item' is an individual thing and so is beauty,” says Rae on the brand’s website. “Item Beauty is all about embracing your imperfections, not masking anything, because they all play a part in what makes you truly unique.”

How did I test Item Beauty?

A smattering of Item Beauty products laying on a blue and white checkered blanket.
Credit: Item Beauty

There are products for the face, eyes, and lips in Item Beauty's makeup line.

I snagged one of each of the makeup items, which includes concealer, setting powder, bronzer, liquid eyeshadow, mascara, brow pencil, lip oil, and setting spray. After receiving the, er, items, I wore them either all together or with products from other brands for a duration of two weeks. I took note of how the products performed alone or with other makeup items and how they lasted throughout the day. There isn’t a primer or foundation, so I used my go-to Lorac Dewy Canvas Prep Moisturizer + Primer and Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil-Free Foundation as the base. Then, I put the concealer, powder, and other items atop my base.

Although I didn’t receive each shade in every product, I got a great idea of how the formulas hold up, wear, and feel. From my new must-haves to my skip-its, here are my thoughts on the line.

1. Lash Snack

On the left: The Item Beauty Lash Snack tube with the wand next to it to show a black mascara formula. On the right: The tube of mascara on a blue background with its wand separate from the tube.
Credit: Item Beauty

The Item Beauty Lash Snack mascara lengthens and volumizes the lashes.

What it claims: This lengthening mascara claims to add three times the amount of volume to lashes with its smaller yet more precise wand. It also promises to be flake-free and smudge-proof with zero clumping whatsoever. The mascara comes in one shade, "Midnight Mood," which is black.

What it’s like to use it: Out of the entire line, this mascara is my top pick. The applicator separates every single lash, adding heaps of volume and tons of length. As a beauty writer, I’m always testing products, and this mascara made its way into my rotation for daily usage—even after I finished reviewing the line. It’s easy to apply with a wiggle-like motion starting at the base of the lashes until the end. I wore it during the sweltering summer heat and, as promised, experienced no smudging, clumping, or flaking. I appreciated how I could apply one or two coats for an everyday natural look or three or four for a bolder evening look. It’s a great mascara and one I’d recommend adding to your arsenal.

Get the Item Beauty Lash Snack for $15

2. Cheek Money

On the left: The Item Beauty Cheek Money in its compact with the lid open to reveal two bronzer shades against a red background. On the right: A model with a drawing on her face that shows where to apply bronzer and contour.
Credit: Item Beauty

The Item Beauty Cheek Money is a 2-in-1 bronzer compact that allows you to contour and bronze the face.

What it claims: This 2-in-1 bronzer claims to be versatile enough to use for both bronzing and contouring with one warmer shade and one cooler one. It also aims to provide a smooth, soft-focus finish, thanks to the inclusion of moisturizing ingredients hemp seed oil, tiger grass extract, and sodium hyaluronate. The bronzer comes in the two colors: “Mood Vibes” (a lighter warm-toned duo) and “BC Off Topic" (a darker bronze duo).

What it’s like to use it: Convincing me that I'll love a bronzer is no easy feat. For starters, many shades of bronzer make me look like a hot Cheeto instead of the sunkissed, sculpted look I aim to achieve. But this one, in the darker shade combo “BC off Topic,” checked all my boxes. The color blended seamlessly over my foundation with the Patrick Ta Major Sculpt Brush, the shade gave my face definition, and it didn’t look cakey at the end of the day like others that I’ve tried. I didn’t quite notice the "soft-focus" effect it was supposed to give, but I love everything else about it.

Get the Item Beauty Cheek Money for $16

3. Air Hug Concealer

On the left: The Item Beauty Air Hug Concealer in a light shade in its cylindrical tube standing on a red background. On the right: Four arms from light to dark skintones with the Air Hug Concealer shades swatched on the arms.
Credit: Item Beauty

Item Beauty's Air Hug Concealer offers medium to full coverage.

What it claims: The medium to full coverage concealer is available in 20 hues to match a wide range of skin tones, from fair to deep. Its formula claims to be lightweight and creaseless with “a smooth, seamless finish,” and it should have a pillowy texture that glides on effortlessly.

What it’s like to use it: I’m a huge fan of concealers because I am part of the dark under-eye circles club, so I was psyched to try this out. To apply it, I dabbed the doe-foot applicator underneath my eyes, on any blemishes, and where I felt I needed a bit more coverage, and blended it into my skin with a Beauty Blender. This concealer offers great coverage, but it creased a lot on my skin and required a lot of blending to achieve its proclaimed “smooth, seamless finish.” To get a super-smooth finish that stayed in place, I tamped it down with a light layer of setting powder (my favorite is the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder). Though it required extra effort, I loved the texture of it as it indeed felt lightweight on my skin. I wore this concealer over foundation and on its own and was left with the same great results every time.

Get the Item Beauty Air Hug Concealer for $18

4. Brow Chow

On the left: Four tubes of the Item Beauty Brow Chow eyebrow pencil lay uncapped on a blue background. On the right: An arm is stretched out with four shades of the Brow Chow swatched onto the arm and made to look like eyebrows.
Credit: Item Beauty

The Item Beauty Brow Chow eyebrow pencil has a precise tip to create hair-like strokes.

What it claims: This dual-ended brow pencil is intended to fill, fluff, and shape brows. The fine, triangle tip claims to allow full control to fill in sparse areas, shape, and create hairlike strokes. The paddle brush on the other end supposedly “fluffs up brows to max out volume.” The pencil comes in four shades: warm blonde, medium brown, neutral taupe, and deep brunette.

What it’s like to use it: I have thicker eyebrows and I’m majorly into the fluffy brow trend. This brow product was not my favorite of all time (that title belongs to Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow or Patrick Ta Major Brow Shaping Wax), but also wasn’t the worst I’ve ever tried. My favorite thing about it was the fine, triangle tip that made it super easy to control and create thin hair-like strokes. You almost couldn’t tell that I spent time drawing them in. On the other hand, the paddle shaping brush was an addition I could have done without. It didn’t “fluff up brows to max out volume” and I found it difficult to use. In the end, I used my current go-to, the Kosas Air Brow Tinted Clean Volumizing Eyebrow Gel, to brush my brows into place and drive the look home.

Get Item Beauty Brow Chow for $15

5. Lip Quip Moisturizing Oil

On the left: Four tubes of the Item Beauty Lip Quip Moisturizing Lip Oil in pink, purple, and red shades with the wands hovering above the tubes with formula in them. On the right: Addison Rae making a kissy face and applying the Lip Quip to her lips in a pink shade.
Credit: Item Beauty

Item Beauty's Lip Quip Moisturizing Lip Oil hydrates the lips and adds shine.

What it claims: This lip oil claims to make lips feel soft and hydrated, thanks to a whole slew of ingredients like jojoba, almond, and shea butter oils. The formula intends to look luscious and “kissable” on lips. It comes in four shades: “Heart Poppin'”
(red), “Come Thru” (light pink), “Hey Y’all” (bright pink), and “Inna Jam” (light purple).

What it’s like to use it: Ever since I saw the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil go viral on TikTok, I’ve been obsessed with tinted lip oils for daily use. Although I didn’t love all of the shades Item Beauty has available, the sheer cherry red shade provides a great pop of color on the lips. As promised, the formula keeps my lips hydrated—so much so that I’d swap my chapstick out for using this in the winter. My only problem with it? The formula felt sticky to me, like a traditional lip gloss, which isn’t so fun underneath masks or when the wind blows your hair into your face.

Get the Item Beauty Lip Quip Moisturizing Oil for $14

6. Powder Hour

On the left: The Item Beauty Powder Hour in its cylindrical packaging standing on a red background. On the right: The Powder Hour's cap off to reveal a white and red brush.
Credit: Item Beauty

Item Beauty's Powder Hour is a translucent powder that claims to create a matte finish on the skin.

What it claims: This translucent powder claims to be a “filter IRL.” The brand says it’ll blur imperfections, smooth uneven texture, and deliver a matte finish to get rid of excess oil and shine. Though intended to be sheer, it comes in four shades, ranging from the expected translucent to a tan-tinted "sun-kissed warmth," that can combat any white cast using a stark white powder may cause. To use, remove the cover and slide the attached clear plastic cap down to access the brush. You’ll then tap the brush against your hand or wrist until it comes out, so you know it's primed and ready to go on your face. No messy containers or extra brushes needed.

What it’s like to use it: In my opinion, this translucent powder was just like any other one. The white translucent shade blurred a little bit and provided a matte finish but, contrary to its claims, did not smooth my skin’s uneven texture. It looked cakey around the areas where my skin is dry, which is why it’s not at the top of my list. On the plus side, I adore the built-in brush because it made the application process way easier (read: no mess of powder everywhere) and allowed me to apply it precisely where I had shine and needed it.

Get the Item Beauty Powder Hour for $22

7. One Hit Setting Spray

On the left: The Item beauty One Hit setting spray bottle floating in water. On the right: Addison Rae spraying her face with the One Hit.
Credit: Item Beauty

Item Beauty's One Hit setting spray primes and sets makeup.

What it claims: This setting spray claims to prime, set, and refresh your makeup with just one spritz. It contains aloe vera and tiger grass extracts to soothe the skin, lavender and rose to hydrate, and sodium hyaluronate to retain moisture. The brand recommends applying it before makeup to prime the skin, after makeup to set it down, or throughout the day as needed to refresh. Hold the spray several inches from the face to avoid droplets on your face.

What it’s like to use it: Among setting sprays I've tried, this one rates average. It held makeup in place, and the thin, lightweight consistency blended well into my makeup, even when I did a full face. But it didn’t hold it through extreme heat, water, or even light sweating, like the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray does for me. Would I use it again? Probably. Is it my favorite? No.

Get the Item Beauty One Hit Setting Spray for $18

8. Lid Glaze

On the left: The Item Beauty Lid Glaze in its silver tube and the background is swatched with five shades of the liquid eyeshadow. On the right: Five Lid Glaze wands of different colors standing up on a gray background.
Credit: Item Beauty

The Item Beauty Lid Glaze offers a shimmery wash of color for the eyes.

What it claims: These liquid eyeshadows claim to provide a luminous color that can be layered upon for a bolder look or played down for a sheer shimmer. They come in seven different colors: “3AM” (a light pink shimmer), “Lunar Drop” (golden champagne), “Desert Weekend” (a shimmering nude), “Coin Toss” (shimmering bronze), “Liquid Bold” (iridescent lilac), “Heart Drop” (iridescent pink), and “Say Halo” (iridescent gold). To apply, dab the doe-foot applicator onto a fingertip to swipe the pigment on your eyelid or tap it onto the high points of your cheekbones or neckline for a little glow.

What it’s like to use it: I have two shades of this— the light pink "3AM" and champagne-tinged "Lunar Drop"—both were true to the color I expected, were buildable for a bolder look, and went on smoothly. However, I expect liquid eyeshadow to last all day and neither of these did. When I applied one in the morning, it was half gone by lunchtime, and what remained was faded and creased. I loved so many aspects of these liquid eyeshadows—namely, the colors and consistency—but I can’t stand by the lack of longevity, especially in the summer heat. I'm sticking with my favorite liquid eyeshadow, the Armani Beauty Eye Tint Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeshadow, for its coloring and longevity.

Get the Item Beauty Lid Glaze for $14

Is Item Beauty worth it?

On the left: The author wearing makeup products from Item Beauty on her face and smiling at the camera. On the right: A clear bag filled with a smattering of Item Beauty makeup products sitting on a purple background.
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Dube / Item Beauty

Item Beauty is a great option for anyone who loves a natural makeup look.

Overall, I thought the makeup I tried was great. As with any beauty line, there were some products that just didn’t work for me, but it seems that Item Beauty is a brand with thought and care behind its creation and not just another celebrity vanity project. And Addison Rae’s touch is evident—as she's a proponent of the "no-makeup makeup" look, I can see how each formula is something she would wear.

Even the products I didn’t love on me I could see working well for someone else. If you desire barely-there, natural-looking makeup, I’d recommend trying it out for yourself. And if anything in the line appeals to you, I would give it a shot to see if it aligns with your preferences. I plan to check out her future launches, as some of the line’s products—like the Lash Snack—have become absolute favorites of mine.

Shop all Item Beauty

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