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10 Hilariously Painful GoPro Disasters

Be glad you're only watching these videos.


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Since they came into vogue in the mid-2000s, GoPros and action cameras like them have captured amazing footage from perspectives once thought impossible. But for every amazing GoPro clip, there are dozens of GoPro fails.

Whether it's someone riding a snowmobile into a pond or a BASE jumping attempt gone horribly wrong, the camera that promises you can be a hero will also record you becoming a zero. Here are 10 examples of the catastrophes that can unfold while the GoPro is rolling.

Ed. note: No one was seriously injured in the making of these videos, but both bodies and egos were bruised.

Watch Out for That Pole!

An adorably excited little girl, a proud father, a bike, and a GoPro. What could go wrong? Well, the girl could ride the bike into a pole, for one thing. Despite her (impeccably timed) spill, Summer can't help laughing right along with us.

Kart Kalamity

Kart racing is serious business—especially when you're racing at Daytona International Speedway. These guys were minding their own business during a pre-race practice session when some faster racers spun ahead of them. Things come up on you quick when you're driving at Daytona, and sometimes even the quickest reflexes can't keep you out of trouble, as this video shows. (The big hit comes around the one-minute mark.)

Look Before You Bounce

You might have to watch this one twice (the action happens in the background), but the poor guy on the right has the bad luck to walk right into his buddy's shins as he's doing a backflip. Good news is, they're laughing about it afterward. (p.s., Where is this place? We want to go to there!)

Maybe Don't Fling Your Kids Down Zip Lines?

If your kids like riding zip lines, that's great. But don't send them straight into a pole. That's not something you'll want to have to explain to the x-ray tech at the hospital.

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Don't Step to This Monkfish

Would you like it if someone stuck a GoPro in your face? Probably not. So cut this poor monkfish some slack for wanting to turn this camera into lunch.

"No Diving" Means No. Diving.

If a pool is too shallow, don't dive headfirst into it. There's a reason they post those "No Diving" signs. Sadly, this man disregarded these rules and instead dove head first into his GoPro. He's lucky he ended up with a broken camera and not a broken neck.

Wear Padding When You Snowboard

In my personal experience, snowboarding can be pretty painful—and I've never even gotten off the ground. I can't imagine how painful an aerial wipeout is, but these guys... they know all too well.

Always Securely Mount Your GoPro

Warning: This video contains graphic language and a bloody nose.

This poor TV show host was filming a carnival ride with a GoPro. Little did he know that his GoPro had plans of its own. The camera came off its mount and smacked him in the face. Despite the pain of a broken nose, the guy somehow manages to hold onto the GoPro as he's flying through the air.

Double Check Your Steering Wheel

When you're in any kind of race, it helps to have a properly mounted steering wheel. This Formula Off Road driver found out exactly what happens when you suddenly can't turn, as his truck rolled spectacularly down a hill.

Drones Are Dumb

This drone's pilot never appears on-screen, but it's safe to assume that he looked pretty horrified as his expensive new toy's autopilot program (known as RTH, or "return to home") steered itself straight into a giant pillar of rock. Still, the resulting footage is YouTube gold.

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