10 things you need to make your iPhone pictures look professional

An iPhone can be a heck of a camera—if you have the right gear to get it there.

Your iPhone can take amazing photos—with the right attachments Credit: Moment / DaVoice

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Smartphone cameras have come a very long way in just a few short years, and our lab tests consistently bear out that these are truly capable of professional-quality photos.

Of course, there's more to getting high-quality photos than just the camera—especially for a smartphone which is naturally limited by a phone's size, shape, and fixed lens. Luckily, there are a slew of accessories—from lenses, to tripods, to gimbals—that can help take your iPhone photos to the next level.

These are some of the best accessories we've seen for the iPhone, and a perfect addition to any budding smartphone photographer's arsenal.

1. Lenses by Moment that get you closer to the action

Moment Telephoto Lens
Credit: Moment

Moment's clip-on lenses are widely considered the best iPhone lens accessories you can buy.

There are lots of lenses you can attach to various iPhones, but the New Telephoto lens from Moment are my favorite. The default iPhone lens provides a nice wide-angle field of view, so having the option to add a telephoto look to your photos should be your first priority, no matter what kind of photos you plan to take.

Just a heads up, you'll need a case that supports the Moment mount to use this with your phone. This case works with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, this case works with the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus, and this case works with the iPhone X.

Get the Moment New Telephoto Lens (2017) from B&H for $99.99

2. This lens kit from Aukey gives you tons of options

Aukey phone lens kit
Credit: Aukey

The Aukey phone lens kit is a cheap way to try clip-on lenses for your iPhone.

When most people think of professional photos they think of extremely high-quality, expensive gear. That's true, but you can make sub-par gear work through creativity, as long as it gives you options. If you like the idea of add-on lenses but are on a very tight budget, this $15 kit from Aukey has you covered.

None of the lenses are very sharp, but it includes wide-angle options, macro options for close-up photos, and the clip to attach everything to your iPhone. You'll need to be creative to get top-notch results, but it's a fun addition if you want to just mess around.

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Get the Aukey iPhone lens kit from Amazon for $14.99

3. This stabilizer from DJI is pure magic

DJI Osmo 2
Credit: / TJ Donegan

The DJI Osmo 2 stabilizer is just $129.99 but it is an incredible gimbal for your phone.

The new DJI Osmo phone stabilizer was hands-down my favorite gadget at CES 2018, taking home one of our coveted Editors' Choice awards. For just $129.99 it offers incredible stabilization for hand-held shots, a simple joystick for buttery smooth tilts and pans, and controls for zoom and capturing photos.

With long battery life and a substantially reduced price over the original DJI Osmo, it might just be my favorite smartphone camera accessory of 2018.

Pre-order the DJI Osmo+ gimbal at B&H for $129.99

4. This Joby tripod can grip railings for unique shots

Joby Gorilla Pod
Credit: Joby

The Joby Gorillapod for iPhone

Joby's Gorillapod series has been around for a long time, and it's still one of the best ways to attach your phone to your environment for creative, rock-solid shots. Smartphones are significantly more prone to shake, even on bright days, than full-size cameras. This can make it difficult to get steady shots, meaning your shots will lack the sharpness they should have.

This Gorillapod is easy to use and works with a wide range of smartphones thanks to its sliding head, which grips your phone tightly while you're setting up your shot.

Get the Joby Gorillapod smartphone tripod for $29.50 at B&H

5. This $100 stabilizer is among the cheapest on the market

Zhiyun phone stabilizer
Credit: Zhiyun

At just $99, this is one of the most affordable gimbals you can buy for your phone right now.

Though the DJI Osmo 2 isn't that much more expensive, if you don't like DJI or just want to save a little more money, this $99 version is already on the market and is very well-reviewed. It has nearly all the same features and it comes in a range of colors to match your rose gold iPhone.

Get the Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-Q Smartphone Gimbal for $99 at B&H

6. This phone mount attaches your iPhone to regular tripods

DaVoice phone tripod mount
Credit: DaVoice

If you already own a good tripod, this mount from DaVoice can let you attach your smartphone.

If you already own a tripod, then you probably don't need or want a second one. This mounting bracket grips your phone and attaches to most full-size tripod plates. We use these in our lab for smartphone testing, and they're generally excellent—though the wider phones like the iPhone 7/8 Plus are a bit too big.

Get the DaVoice Cell Phone Tripod Mount for $6.95 at Amazon

7. This selfie stick is also a tripod and includes a Bluetooth remote

Yoozon selfie stick
Credit: yoozon

If you're going to buy a selfie stick, you might as well get one that's also a tripod and a remote.

Look, selfie sticks hardly scream "professional" but you'd be shocked how many professional photographers and YouTubers I know who use them regularly. Especially combined with the iPhone's naturally wide lens, a selfie stick provides the height you need to capture unique perspectives.

This model from yoozon is a top seller on Amazon, comes well-reviewed, and can convert into a tripod with a Bluetooth remote for remotely triggering your phone's shutter. At just $21.99 I don't expect it to last forever, but it's worth the investment.

Get the yoozon selfie stick tripod for $21.99 at Amazon

8. The Macro Pro kit from olloclip is still among the best

The olloclip Macro Pro lens kit
Credit: olloclip

The olloclip Macro Pro lens kit gives you tons of options.

Olloclip is still one of the top name among iPhone lens manufacturers, and its Macro Pro lens kit includes 7x, 14x, and 21x macro lenses that can attach to your phone and work with either your front or rear cameras. Though the setup can be a little bit fiddly and the image quality isn't as sharp as a DSLR with a proper macro lens, for $79.99 this gives you lots of options for close-up work with your iPhone 7/8 and 7/8 Plus.

Get the olloclip Macro Pro lens kit for $79.99 at B&H

9. A USB battery pack to keep the whole thing powered

RAVPower USB pack
Credit: / Michael Desjardin

This USB pack from RAVPower has enough juice to power your phone for nearly a week.

Though it won't have any effect on your actual images, you can't take great photos if your phone is dead. There's a reason why every single professional photographer I know about carries around multiple batteries—part of being a "pro" is being prepared.

This USB pack from RAVPower won our roundup of the best USB battery packs, and it packs enough juice to recharge your phone multiple times over. If you're going out for a long day of shooting, you're definitely going to want to invest in one (or two) of these.

Get the RAVPower Turbo 20,100mAh USB battery pack for $49.99 at Amazon

10. Let there be light with this mobile LED light array

The Xuma mobile LED light
Credit: Xuma

The Xuma mobile LED light.

When using full-size cameras, I prefer to shoot in natural light. With a smartphone, that usually isn't an option. While this LED light isn't going to work in every situation, for video shooters especially it'll provide the boost you need to light your subject in tricky situations.

This particular model comes with a variety of mounting options, including a 3.5mm headphone jack mount, a suction cup mount, a phone clip, and the option to attach it to a 1/4-inch thread. It charges via USB and has its own battery, giving you plenty of flexibility no matter how you need to use it.

Get the Xuma mobile LED light for $29.99 at B&H

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