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Super Slow-Mo Video Reveals the Inner Workings of a DSLR

You'll never look at your camera the same way again.


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If you're like most Americans, you take photos every single day. Whether you're carrying a point-and-shoot, a DSLR, or (more likely) just a mobile phone, there's usually something you need to grab a shot of.

Everything looks amazing in slow motion.

But unless you review cameras for a living, you probably haven't spent much time thinking about how your camera actually works. Luckily, the minds behind the wildly successful YouTube channel "The Slow Mo Guys" have.

The channel has garnered nearly 5,000,000 followers by exploiting one simple principle: Everything looks amazing in slow motion. And guess what? Its latest video shows exactly what happens inside your DSLR when you snap a shot.

Recorded at a blistering 10,000 frames per second on the remarkable Phantom Flex 4K, it reveals the intricate ballet of moving parts that accompanies every photo you take. It's the result of incredibly precise engineering, and (amazingly) an act that a DSLR may reliably repeat over 100,000 times in its lifetime.

Along with revealing footage of the movements of the shutter curtain and mirror, the video includes some thoughtful, educational commentary on the difference between mechanical and electronic shutters, rolling shutter effects, and the surprising durability of modern DSLRS. It's a must-watch for all photo enthusiasts.

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