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Fujifilm's X-T1 Looks Stunning in Silver

Our favorite X gets an impressive new color.


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We fell in love with the Fujifilm X-T1 when it was released earlier this year. Even though it was a remix of the already great X-E2, the new form factor, high performance, and innovative EVF made this camera an Editors' Choice winner.

Now, Fujifilm has introduced a brand-new take on the same camera. Instead of the hammered black finish that the original X-T1 came out in, you can now buy a very sexy Graphite Silver edition. While not as bright as, say, the silver version of Olympus's OM-D E-M5, the Fujifilm is a striking blend of subtle metallic undertones with a satin finish. The painting process is a complex one, involving multiple layers of primer and different tints, and it's a $200 premium option.

We spent some time with the Graphite Silver X-T1 at the Fuji booth here at Photokina 2014 and the color is stunning in person. It's really something you should check out in person if you get the opportunity.

We're not sure if Fujifilm plans a matching battery grip for the Graphite Silver edition of the X-T1

The camera's grip remains black to make the X-T1 look even more like a classic film SLR.

It's hard to get in photographs, but the metallic undertones of the paint are subtle.

The X-T1's physical controls look even more striking in silver.

Not only does the top plate get the new Graphite Silver color, the mode dials have also changed color to match.

Even the tilting screen gets the camera's fresh new color.

With a flash and an accessory grip, the X-T1 becomes a very chunky camera.

The camera even manages to stand out with a big Fujinon 50–140mm f/2.8 lens mounted.

We think that like the Olympus OM-D E-M1, the Fujifilm X-T1 absolutely deserved the sterling treatment.

We can only speculate on whether or not Fujifilm will eventually release silver lenses for its X-Mount system.

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