MindShift Gear's rotation180º Is an Awesome Camera Bag

A camera bag made for the great outdoors ended up being one of our favorite pieces of photo gear at CES 2013.

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With all the fresh tech at CES, it seems a little silly to get excited about a camera bag. But the MindShift Gear rotation180° backpack ended up being one of our favorite pieces of new photo gear at the show.

Started as a side-project by some designers from ThinkTank Photo and initially funded through Kickstarter, MindShift Gear makes photo packs for outdoor enthusiasts, by outdoor enthusiasts.

Basically, you never have to take off this pack to get at your photo gear. It has a moving swing-around fanny pack for your camera body, a hip-hugging belt, a big cavity with an easy-access backdoor zipper, a removable lens bucket, straps for carrying your tripod, energy-bar pocket, liquids bladder, and the list goes on. Carry less photo gear, and you can fit more of anything else. Somebody with a lot of experience put a lot of thought into this thing.

The rotation180° pack should be available around April. The basic version will cost about $400, while the fully-loaded setup (all the buckets and straps and whatnot) will cost around $600. It'll be enthusiasts-only at this price, but there's clearly some kind of demand out there: The Kickstarter project hit its $30,000 funding target within 36 hours of launch, and finished with nearly $133,000 from 318 backers.

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